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b hietala
26-02-06, 23:18
I have recently discovered that one of my ancestors was Antti Mikkelinpoika Keksi (Anders Mickelsson Keksi), known as the "the peasant poet". He is known for his poem on the catastrophic debacle on the river Torne in 1677:

I found a site that had an English translation of the poem, but I am wondering if someone here may know of other sources of information about Antti Keksi that have been translated. This is one of those times I truly wish I was bi-lingual.

Also, I am wondering if anyone else can trace their roots to this man. I had a look on TALKO and couldn't find any connections, but it is rather slow (or my computer is), and I became frustrated.

Kiitos, BH


June Pelo
27-02-06, 01:49
There's mention of him here:


There is a lot about him on google, but in Finnish and Swedish.