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Ingemar Ekman
30-09-03, 22:31
Hej Finlanders,
My name is Ingemar Ekman and I am living outside Stockholm in Sweden, in Jakobsberg, Järfälla county. You will find a picture of the high-rise building where I live, at http://www.jarfalla.se then click on "vykort"in the middle to the right. In the corner up to the left you will find the yellow building with a pyramid below. I am living on the 14th floor. The page has also some English information.
I am born in Föglö Åland, 1946, and moved to Sweden in the middle of 1960's. I have a daughter Jonna born 1977. My hobby is genealogy and I got interested in that when our 4th cousins from St. Paul Minnesota visited us. The cousins from St. Paul found their roots from Föglö with the help they got from the archive in Mariehamn. In 1994 I started with the research and used the family report the archive had made as a basis. Now I have little more than 10 000 individuals in my family file, mostly from Föglö, Vårdö, Lumparland and Sideby.
I like the genealogy very much and especially to find the now living relatives over the whole world. Jonna and I visited 1998 many of the distant cousins in USA (MN, WA, OR, IL) that we do not were aware about earlier and in May 2000 I made a new trip to CA and NV and visited more cousins. The last eight summers many families from the new country have visiting us and we go together to Åland to see where their ancestors came from and it is a mutual joy.
If someone wants help to find their living relatives in Åland or in Stockholm area, I will be glad to give some assistance. I have seen so many happy family connections during the years after I started with genealogy.
Sorry for any typos and grammar errors.
Best regards,

June Pelo
30-09-03, 22:38
I'm so glad to see Ingemar's mail. He is a generous person who has helped many members of SFHS and Finngen with research. I think there are some Finlander members with links to Åland. Maybe they'll read this and contact him.


Tracy Boeldt
01-10-03, 03:13
Just like June--I'm very pleased to see Ingemar's post on the Finlander! I am one of the people that have been helped by Ingemar--He is a very giving man and I wouldn't be in contact with a lot of my living relatives without him. So I thank him once again for all the help and good conversations by email!

01-10-03, 03:25
I, too, can vouch for Ingemar's generosity. I have given him very little detail to work with and he has always been unselfish in researching the facts that I have.

Though we haven't found this particular ancestor yet, I hope to one of these days provide enough detail for Ingemar to locate him. He's a very resourceful individual!

Welcome, Ingemar!!