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Karen Davies
04-03-06, 07:37
University of Montana students are looking for more information about a group of men and women imprisoned in Montana in 1918 during WWI for speaking out against the government. The student project is seeking pardons for each individual and would like to locate and notify descendants.

One of the men is Frank Oscar Waara, Age 37, born 1881 Sweden, Occupation: Laborer. Sentence: 1.5-3, Entered Deer Lodge 6/1918, Paroled 5/1919. He resided in Gallatin County. Students have searched for months for information about him, without success.

Does anyone have any information about this man? The project deadline is April 1.


b hietala
04-03-06, 08:26
I have a few Waara cousins who immigrated to the US from Sweden. In fact, one of them was named (John) Oscar Waara, also born in 1881, in Ohtanjarvi. However, my records indicate he was living in Michigan in 1917. I will look into this further.


Karen Davies
04-03-06, 20:24
There is now a little more information about Frank Oscar Waara, thanks to replies from several readers. From his WWI registration card dated 12 Sep 1918 at Montana State Prison:

Frank Oscar Waara
100 Washington
Astoria, Oregon
Age: 38
DOB: August 21, 1880, Sweden
Nearest relative: Chas. Waara, Astoria Oregon

From a Death Reg, Minnesota Death Index:
Name: Frank Waara
Death Date: 12 Feb 1944
Death County: Saint Louis
Record Number: 943634

I don't know if the death registration is for the same Frank Waara.

Thanks for looking into it.

b hietala
05-03-06, 20:52
My cousin found the following information. It looks promising.

Frans Oskar Vaara (b. Aug 21, 1880) in Kukkula; Parish of Karl Gustav, County of Norbotten. From the Swedish Census of 1900, Frans Oskar was still living in Sweden at that time.

Frans had a brother, Karl Gustav (b. Jul 20, 1878).

According to the World War 1 Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918 on Ancestry.com, a Carl Gustaf, born on the same date (Jul 20, 1878), lived in Astoria, Clatsop Co. Oregon. He was married to a woman named Hanna.

Death certificate information:

A Carl Waara died in Clatsop May 4, 1936. (Certificate 91)
A Johanna Waara died in Clatsop Dec. 24, 1948 (Certificate 13411)
A Hanna Waara died Sep. 6, 1960 (Certificate 11206)

From the 1930 census, Hanna Waara (Clatsop) had a son, Emil, born ca 1910.

Frans Oskar's mother was Kristina Henrika Mosesdotter Lugnet. She had a brother who also immigrated to the US. He apparently had a son named Theo.

Perhaps a surviving member of the Lugnet family could also help give information about Frans Oskar?

From genealogia.fi, we find Moses Lugnet, born October 18, 1857, Pajala, Sweden. Died Feb. 11, 1948 in Ilwaco, Washington. Cause of death was coronary thrombosis; senility. He was found dead in bed. He was a widowed merchant. Informant listed is Theo Lugnet, Ilwaco, Wash. Moses was buried on Feb. 14, 1948 in Ilwaco.

I hope this information can help you locate Frank Oscar's family. Good luck with your worthy project.



Karen Davies
09-03-06, 07:15
Thank you for the information! Relatives have been found in Astoria.

Karen Davies
20-04-06, 04:38
Here's a follow-up to the Montana Sedition project search.

The Governor of Montana has now set a date for the pardoning ceremony for the 77 people convicted of sedition in 1918-19.

The ceremony will be held at 3:30 PM, May 3 in the Capitol Rotunda. Almost three dozen family members were located and will be attending from as far away as South Carolina and California.

Thank you for your help with this project.