View Full Version : Korsnäs - most Swedish-speaking place in the world

June Pelo
01-10-03, 01:34
Norden reports that 96.5% of the people in Korsnäs are Swedish-speaking (2,150 out of a total of 2,227). At the end of last year the total number of Swedish-speaking people in Finland was 5.6% (out of 5,206,295 people and 290,251 had Swedish as their mother tongue). Most Swedes live in Helsingfors = 35,451. Vasa is in 4th place after Esbo and Borgå, with 14,344 Swedes or 25.2%. Korsholm with 12,198 Swedes is in 5th place, then Ekenäs and Jakobstad, with 10,818 Swedish-speaking. Pedersöre is in 9th place after Mariehamn, with 9,376 Swedes. Nearly half of all the Swedish-speaking are among these 9 places.