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01-10-03, 04:41
My grand father had a brother Edward, born in Larsmo. His parents were Jonas Mattsson Samskar and Maja Lisa Johansdr Bosund. I suspect he was born after 1875. He came to the US, to Duluth and I have found him in an early city directory. Supposedly he developed TB and died. I cannot find his death. Does anyone have any information about this young man? Thanks. Pat

07-03-04, 12:26
Hi Patze,

I hope this helps you. It came from
Institute of Migration Detailed passenger information
Last name Bosund
First names Edvard
Age or age class 19
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination Boston
State of destination MA
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 169
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 27.04.1901
Ship from England *
Date of departure from England 99.99.9999
Ocean Line Cunard Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 16/76
Remarks *
On the St Louis death index I found two listings for male Samskar as follows

SAMSKAR Male NA 11/27/1919 1135
SAMSKAR Male NA 11/29/1919 1122

but could only locate one on the MN Death Index.
SAMSKAR, BABY BOY CertID# 1919-MN-026270
Date of Birth: 11/27/1919
Place of Birth: not indexed
Mother Maiden Name: not indexed
Date of Death: not indexed
County of Death: ST. LOUIS

I noticed there were several families of Samskars in Minnesota at the time, perhaps they were related.
Several Naturalization recpords for Samskars at Iron Range Research Centre - none for Edward though.

I will check the Scandinavians in the 1910 census cd by Heritage Quest later this week.


11-03-04, 11:50
Hi Pat,

I searched the HQ 1910 census cd for both S*m* and Ed.
SAMSKAR, John age 38 b. Fin Cook County Grand Marais T624-roll 689 part 1 page 309 subpage A State MN
STIMSTRA Louis 73 b. Unid County Winona Dresback Twp
728 2 222 B MN
STRAMS Fred age - b. unkn Koochiching Int Falls 707 1 314 B MN
No one close to correct age or found in St Louis on S*M* search.

BENSEND Edmund age 23 b. Fin St Louis 5-WD Duluth
725 1 300 B MN
??? Edward age 37 b. Fin St Louis, 5-WD Duluth 725 1 284 B MN
SURVICK Edwin 28 b. Fin St L 6-WD Duluth 724 2 216 A MN
BADGER Edward 31 b. Fin St L 6-WD Duluth 724 2 271 B MN

I wondered whether Samskar Edvard could have become SAMS or SIM/MS Karl Edward on the MN death index?

These appeared to be the best results there were heaps more should you want them.


11-03-04, 19:13
John Samskar was my grandfather, older brother to Edward. I am directly related to all Samskars.In Finland they are called Semskar.

It is entirely possible that Sams could be Edward, names are often incorrect. I suspect he died in a TB Sanitarium. I have checked what I suspect to be the most logical san with out luck. I have also been to the Minnesota History Museum which has all state records--or copies of them, without success. I have found him in the city directories of Duluth and then he disappears.

Thanks again for your help!