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01-10-03, 06:06
what's your best advice? what is an ANSI gedcom? The Roots Magic has the family trees ready.
Syrene and Don

01-10-03, 06:19
The exchange format for genealogical data is called "gedcom". The currently used definition standard bears the version 5.5

In your genealogy application there should be an option "Save to gedcom" or "export to gedcom" where your material is saved as file that may be used by other genealogy programs and in this case, by the database used in the Talko -project.

When saving to gedcom you are usually presented with some options. One is what type of gedcom. The type of gedcom that would be the easiest to handle (ie. is read directly by the TALKO-database) is the ANSI coded one. This means that all the scandinavian characters are marked in the ANSI-way.

Remember to check the "include references" if there is such a option, otherwise no reference information will show.

01-10-03, 06:44
Thanks for the explanation. Do the ANSI characters need to replace the Swedish characters in the names? Our keyboard is set with the Swedish , .and .

01-10-03, 06:50
When choosing ANSI the scandinavian characters "fall into their right places". No extra editing required!