View Full Version : Löfholm-brothers in America

11-03-06, 23:01

I have two more brothers that I am looking for. They are:

* Johannes Andersson Löfholm (Lövholm), b. 8.5.1861 in Katternö, Pedersöre, to America 17.3.1888, declared dead 1.1.1918.

* Jakob Gustav Andersson Löfholm (Lövholm), b. 5.10.1865 in Katternö, Pedersöre, to America 19.10.1887, declared dead 1.1.1932.

Parents are Anders Hansson Löfs-Löfholm, b. 27.11.1823 in Löfö (Lövö), Pedersöre and Anna Beata Jonasdotter Katt, b. 12.3.1827 in Katternö, Pedersöre.

I have no information about where they went, but I have other emigrants who moved to Astoria at that time.

Christian Dahlin