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June Pelo
12-03-06, 21:20
Finland's population is now 5,255,580, of which 2,683,000 are female and 2,572,000 male. The largest populated cities: Helsingfors 560,905; Esbo 231,704; Tammerfors 204,337; Vanda 187,281, Åbo 174,868 and Uleåborg 128,962.

The Lutheran Evangelical Church lost 13,256 members. In 2005 83.1% of Finlanders belonged to the church, compared to 83.6% in 2004. Most of those who left the Church were in the 20-39-year age group, of which 57% were men.

According to a study of young people in 35 countries around the world, about 18% of European young people (boys and girls) aged 13-15 fight more than in any place in the world. But the study showed that children aged 11-15 in Finland fight less than in any other country.