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15-03-06, 10:22
Hello all !
A friend of mine was adopted as a little boy and now he want to got some data about her ancestors in Sweden .Alfhild Westman born Berglin born 1894 and died 1970 probably in Ramsele Sweden
married in Ramsele with Albert Westman born 1885 and died 1949.They had 6 children Britta ,Nils(my friends father),Greta,Yngve,Ada and Karl-Erik.Her mother was Helga Westman born Sjöberg born 1917 and died 1949.She was from Backsjön Skellefteå.We are very happy if someone have any information around this family.Thank you in advance.We appreciate everything

Ingemar Ekman
15-03-06, 21:38
Hi Bert,
I checked the CD of deaths 1947 – 2003 and found 3 possible hits, but for Alfhild and Albert the birth years are little different. See enclosed RTF-file. My local library has access to the scanned church records. (www.genline.se) Unfortunately the PC with genline is booked every evening this week, but it will be free on Saturday so if I get time I can check the birth records if the records are scanned yet.
Best Regards,

17-03-06, 10:38
Thank you Ingemar! I will check this out and see if it´s the right family.We are greatful for any help and I think my friend even are willig to pay for the data if it´s necessary to find her ancestors.
Greetings from a sunny and cold Pedersöre Finland
Mvh Bert Lindvall

17-03-06, 10:46
Hej Ingemar !
Seems to bee the right people!!Thank you very much! If you even find more further information of ancestors to this people you make us very very greatful.Very good job.
Hjärtligt tack !!
Bert Lindvall

Ingemar Ekman
17-03-06, 19:44
Hej Bert,
I will check the scanned communion books for Ramsele and Bjärtrå, these records are available to 1893 for Ramsele and 1889 for Bjärtrå. The birth records stops at around 1863 for these two parishes. I have booked Genline every evening next week. I will be happy to try to find any information for your friend and of course for free. My library is very close where I am living and I do not even need to go outside. Maybe I will also find some now living persons connected to the same family on the different CDs I have, but if you want information about these relatives I need your email address.
Greetings from a sunny Stockholm with a lot of snow, even if some snow has melted away today.

17-03-06, 20:01
Hej Ingemar!
I send you my e-post adress .
Thank you again.
Mvh Bert