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01-10-03, 18:55
Searching for the parents of Grandpa Johan Erik Johansson Frilund (known as John Eric Freelund in America). he was born March 26, 1879 (or 1880) in Mona, died February 24, 1937 in Olympia, WA. In baby book with family tree handwritten is John Eric Freelund as his father and Louise Erickson as his mother.

After a lot of researching, we thought his father was Johan Fredrik Johansson Edisbacka b. 1850. And his mother Maja Lovisa Isaksdotter Storsved b.1850. We have received several documents with this information.

However, the most recent document (Hans Lagger decendants from Roy Lager) indicates that Edisbacka died 1875 and my grandfather was born 1879 (or 1880 per his death cert.) And my Grandpa John is not listed as one of their children.

So, we need to verify his parents' names. Roy Lager's cousin was checking the Munsala Church records for birth info. on Grandpa John but we have not heard back from them.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

01-11-03, 22:13
Maybe you got a reply already. Hope you can understand some Swedish, if not I can try to translate to you.

I. Fredrik Henriksson, f.1798-11-05 i Nykarleby, d. 1839, hemmåg på Edesbacka, gift med Brita Helena Andersdr Edesbacka, f. 1803-03-14, omgift med drängen Jakob Jakobsson från Gamlakarleby

II. Barn bl.a.
Johan Fredriksson Edesbacka, f. 1835-04-17, dräng i Vörå en tid, äger backstuga på Edesbacka, ibland skriven på Pelat Monå som statsdräng. Till Reisjärvi 1859, återkom till Pelat 1864. - Vigd 1:o med Anna Sanna Andersdr Skrifvars, f. 1834-03-16, d. 1873-10-31. - Vigd 2:o 1876-10-22 med Anna Lovisa Eriksdr Bobacka, f. 1839-09-23 i Karfsor (Vörå), hon kom från Vörå 1876

III. Barn:
1. Johan Fredrik, f. 1862-06-08 i Reisjärvi, d. 1866-10-06
1. Anders, f. 1865-05-07, d. 1867-05-25.
1. Jakob, f. 1868-05-14, d. 1868-10-22.
1. Anna Lovisa, f. 1869-10-01, d. 1869-11-06.
2. Johan Erik f. 1879-03-26 på Pelat<<your grandpa
2. Johanna Elisabet, f. 1882-07-05, gift 1916 med Erik Johan Nygård, f. 1872-02-12 (deras barn Elina Maria, f. 1916-11-16, d. 1934-01-14, Johannes Arvid* Nygård i Jussila, f. 1919-10-26, d. 1999-10-18, gift med Inga Strand, f. 1927-04-24 i Kvevlax)

Hope this is useful!
BR Arne

05-11-03, 17:42
Thank you so much for your reply! We did hear back from Roy Lager, but only received the names of my Grandpa John Freelund's parents--Johan Fredriksson Edesbacka and Anna Lovisa Eriksdotter Bobacka. Your additional information--listing his brothers and sisters-- is exactly what we have been searching for!

If you could translate the paragraph "II" I would appreciate it. We had some trouble with some of the words.

We now have another research project to try and make contact with any living descendents of Grandpa Johan Erik Freelund's sister--Johanna Elisabet!

For our documenting records could you let me know from where your information came? Are you a descendent of this family line?

Further research on Grt. Grandmother Anna Lovisa Bobacka has led us to decsendents of her brother, Erik Mickelsson Bobacka . The Bobacka name was Americanized to Hill with descendents now living in Arizona.

We are still puzzled with where the Frilund/Freelund name comes into play. Apparently, before leaving Finland, Grandpa John worked on a farm named Frilund and took that as his last name or maybe he just liked that name?

Another question we have: Does the Storsved family fit into this line? We have a prayer book that belonged to my Grandma Minnie (Wilhemina Karlsdotter Newman/Back). This prayer book has the name "Anders Johan Storsved, 1892 Munsala". And, Anders Johan Strosved travelled to America on the same ship with my Grandpa John in 1899. Were the Storsveds family or just good friends and why would my grandma Minnie have this prayer book? So many unknowns--eventually we hope to have more answers.

Again thank you so very much for responding.


05-11-03, 23:50
Hi John&Alice,

Thanks for your interesting reply and happy to help!

My translation to "Swenglish"
I. Fredrik Henriksson, b.1798-11-05 in Nykarleby, d. 1839, "hemmåg" på Edesbacka, married to Brita Helena Andersdr Edesbacka, b. 1803-03-14, she married farm hand Jakob Jakobsson from Gamlakarleby

"hemmåg" = (måg = son-in-law) son-in-law that lived and worked on his parents-in-laws farm. Often there was only one house and hosehold shared by the two generations. "Hemmåg" did not include ownership, but normally the "hemmåg" got or bought the farm at some stage.

(Speculations: Fredrik Henriksson may have worked as farm hand in Munsala on Edisbacka or some other farm, which could explain how he met Anna Sanna. After Johans death (when?) Anna Sanna probably had farm hands and servants ("girl farm hands") on her farm, like most farmers used to havem, and married one of those - a typical story. End-of-speculations)

II. Children, among others: (means that their other children are not listed here)
Johan Fredriksson Edesbacka, b. 1835-04-17, farm hand in Vörå form some time, has a "backstuga" on Edesbacka, some years registered on Pelat Monå as state farm hand. To Reisjärvi 1859, returened to Pelat 1864. - Married 1:o to Anna Sanna Andersdr Skrifvars, b. 1834-03-16, d. 1873-10-31. - Married 2: 1876-10-22 to Anna Lovisa Eriksdr Bobacka, b. 1839-09-23 in Karfsor (Vörå), she moved to Vörå in 1876.

"backstuga" = "hill cottage", a small cottage on farm hired by a person or family. Usually they did not have any rights to the farm land nor work duty on the farm. Many cottagers were handicraftsmen like smiths, taylors, carpenters, etc.

III. Children:
2. Johanna Elisabet, b. 1882-07-05, married 1916 to Erik Johan Nygård, b. 1872-02-12
(their children Elina Maria, b. 1916-11-16, d. 1934-01-14, Johannes Arvid* Nygård in
Jussila, Munsala, b. 1919-10-26, d. 1999-10-18, married to Inga Strand, b. 1927-04-24 in

III. Johanna Elisabet, b. 1882-07-05 in Pelat, Monå, Munsala, d. 1970-0601 in Munsala , married 1916-0123 to Erik Johan Nygård, b. 1872-02-12 in Jussila, Munsala, d. 1954-10-13 in Jussila Munsala. Farmer in Jussila.

IV. Children
Elina Maria, b. 1916-11-16 in Jussila Munsala, d. 1934-01-14 in Munsala
Johannes Arvid*, b. 1919-10-26 in Jussila, Munsala, d. 1999-10-18, farmer in Jussila, married to Inga Strand, b. 1927-04-24 in Kvevlax. No children.

Parents to Erik Johan Nygård, b. 1872-02-12 in Jussila, Munsala

Johannes Isaksson Jussila, b. 1846-10-03 in Jussila, d. 1912-04-27 in Jussila, farmer, son to Jasak Johansson Jussila and Lena Danielsdr Flygar (from Monäs), married to Maria Eriksdr Jussila, b. 1848-09-14 in Jussila, d. 1891.11.28 in Jussila, doughter to Erik Eriksson Jussila and Helena Isaksdr Jussila

Erik Johan had sisters and brothers: Maria Sofia, Anna Lovisa, Isak, Kaisa Lena, Ida Johanna, Asak Alfred.

The names Storsved, Svedberg come from the village Storsved in Munsala. Storsved is interesting because Anders Svedberg was born there. He started the first school in Munsala in 1862-10-31. Before that, they had a ambulatory school i Munsala. Svedbergs school was one of the first in Ostrobotnia Finland. You may have heared about Huldén's, a family with many writers, professors, teachers, which descend from Anders Svedberg.

Re Anders Johan Storsved:
There may have been several persons with that name. If he went to USA in 1899 he must have been born 1880 or earlier. I have an Anders Johan Andersson, b. 1878-11-21, d. 1952-05-27 in Munsala (maybe Storsved). His parents were Anders Isaksson Storsved and Sofia Kristiansdr Lojlax. This Anders married in Finland 1924 with Anna Irene Blomqvist, b. 1893 in Hirvlax Munsala. They had one daughter Lisen Sofia, b. 1925.

I can not follow Joahn Eriks ancestors to see if he had common roots with Anders.

I'll ask my oracle Birgit Dahlbacka about Anders Johan Storsved.

I do not know why some people took the name Frilund, your proposal may be right. I have some ancestors on Hvit in Monå that also selected Frilund.

The information I sent, came via Mrs Birgit Dahlbacka in Munsala. She has a personal copy of Munsala church record micro films.

So far I can not find common roots with you. I'm born in Munsala church village. My data base is on Finlander.

Can you give some more information about your Grandma Minnie (Wilhemina
Karlsdotter Newman/Back) and her ancestors because I can not find her in my database. Sounds like she comes from Monäs or Kantlax in Munsala.

Sorry for the bad quality of the attachment picture.

BR Arne

05-11-03, 23:53
Please find the attached picture of Nygård's gravestones


12-11-03, 17:31
In answer to your question about Grandma Minnie's family:

Karl Eriksson Back/Neuman born 04.10.1835 in Munsala. Died 18.11.1906 in Storsved. He married Katarina Eriksdotter Pesonen, born 25.10.1836 in Pensala. Died 24.11.1919.
Karl & Katarina's children:
Kajsa Sofia Pesonen Neuman born 19.12.1858 in Storsved.
Died 20.05.1932 in Storsved
Anna Neuman born 24.09.1860 died 08.12.1860
Anna Lovisa Neuman born 12.09.1864
Karl Johan Neuman born 27.09.1867, died 30.05.1945 in
Nils Neuman born 29.11.1870. Immigrated to America.
Maria Neuman born 02.08.1873 died 17.04.1874
Vilhelmina Neuman (Grandma Minnie) born 28.09.1879. Immigrated to America 1900 and married Johan Erik Johansson Frillund 13.05.1903 in San Fransisco.