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A Helena
21-03-06, 15:32

My father, soon 88 years old, is anxious to know the destiny of his grandfather:

Holtinkoski Karl Josef (Carl, nickname Kaarlo) b. on the 30th of
Dec., 1872 in Oulujoki (=Oulu river), Sanginjoki (=Sangi river)

Riksarkivet/Kansallisarkisto (www.narc.fi): Certificate to Amer. on the 19th of April, 1898; d. on the 2nd of Dec., 1898

My grandmother, also Helena, became half an orphan at the age of four.

Migrationsinstitutet/Institute of Migration: Passport N: 97 for 5
years to Amer. The passenger lists of years 1897-1898 are missing. Holtinkoski was misspelled as Hollinkoski, which doesn´t exist (www.vaestorekisterikeskus.fi-Name service-Kyllä-Surname search=Population Register Centre). It recently has been corrected on my request.

Passenger lists, church records, cause of death would mean us
a lot, please.

Thanking You in advance,

21-03-06, 18:07

I have access to Swedish language churches films but yours are very likely Finnish language oriented. However, if you learn that it could be in Iron County or Marquette County in Michigan, then I have two Finnish language churches but otherwise, I shall defer to the online search gurus that we have here.
good luck,

A Helena
22-03-06, 16:35
A friendly gesture! Thanks!

Yes, You are right - a Finnish language church. But his wife Elisabet H. and her sister Mrs. Sevón spoke Swedish. My father,
almost 88 years old speaks really well Swedish. His favorite TV
channel is SVT without subtitles.
(Swedish speaking families from my mother´s side have already been researched.)

According to the Institute of Migration the emigrants from Uleåborg/Oulu area travelled via Sweden: Guthenberg/Göteborg
or Stockholm. When You look at the journey map (www.genealogia.fi: Emigration - The Journey) Trondheim in Norway is the closest harbour. Karl Josef Holtinkoski is not on
Ellis Island (www.ellisisland .org), so I personnally think that the Great Lakes´ area could match.

My very best regards,

22-03-06, 16:42

If you know the state and town where they lived in America, chances are good they can be found in a Swedish church.
You can check the url above and find the lists of churches.


23-03-06, 05:28
Just a quick search on Ancestry showed a couple Holtinkoski's.

US Public Records Index

Juha Holtinkoski in Santa Monica, California, and
Juha T. Holtinkoski in New Orleans, Louisiana.
If these are of interest to you, I will PM you with the addresses that are listed as I don't know if they are living people.

Also found:

WW1 Draft Registration 1917-1918
Holtinkoski, Andy Wm.
b. 7 July 1886
born in Finland; Russia
Registration place: Mahoning, Ohio
Lived: E. Youngstown, Ohio on Camp Poland Ave.
Medium build
Medium height
blue eyes
lt. brown haircolor
Mother still alive.

Fanny Holtinkoski b. 10 August 1894 d. May 1987
SS# 053-24-3776
State issued SSN New York

The surname must have been mispelled, and I haven't pulled the name up in census records, or passenger records yet. I'll keep on looking.

23-03-06, 06:06
Realized census records are of no use as there weren't any for the short months of his life in America. If the Great Lake area was possible, maybe someone with Canadian port of entry passenger records would be of help; something I do not have access to. What was his occupation? That may be a clue as to where he went in America. Were there any other family members that came first, as he may have gone to a relative's area?

19-04-06, 00:52

Found from Ellis Island records:

Kalle Holtinkoski, labourer from Sanginjoki, single, 23 years.
Nearest relative in Finland father Juho Holtinkoski in Sanginjoki.

SS Oceanic sailing from Southampton March 31st 1909.
Final destination Wisconsin, Brantwood (?).

Had a friend with him, from the same Sanginjoki village.
William Kinnunen, labourer, 22 years. Both went to Wisconsin.

Name and village are matching, but the age doesn't ?


A Helena
01-03-07, 18:04
QUÉBEC ARRIVALS ON THE 6TH OF MAY, 1898: S/S LABRADOR (21.) FROM LIVERPOOL ON THE 28TH OF APRIL, 1898. Page 3, line 44 should be Holtinkoski.

I finally understood how to use Canadacollections: you just fill up year and Liverpool thanks to a posting of Finngen (Nov. 5th).

Thanks Denise and Solja for your work, as well!

PROFESSION is actually the keyword! I recently have been looking for merchant Karl G., Kaarlo Niskanen from Isokatu(=Big street), Uleåborg/Oulu, because Mrs. Holtinkoski´s family also were merchants from Isokatu (Oulun Historia N: IV, p. 98/History of Uleåborg/Oulu).

From the passengerlist R. Kyro= crofter Robert Kyrö from Haapavesi, b. 1854 and his passport was issued on the 21st of April, 1898. It is unprobable that they would knew each other. He was travelling to Bessemer.

J. H. is a young elite school/hard-to-get-in graduate (IDBM Students 2000-
2001, HKKK International Design Business Management) living in Finland and
my grandmother Helena has been studying at the same university.

There are pictures of Wisconsin, Brantwood on www.genelogia.fi/Pictures.
I have been researching on Kalle H., Pirttikoski, Koskela etc. and I think some
of them might have returned home.

Terveiset Suomesta (=Greetings from Finland),