View Full Version : What genealogy software do you use

01-10-03, 23:40
Who is using what?

Answer the poll by choosing the choice/choices suitable to you and press "Vote"


Vilket/vilka släktforskningsprogram använder ni? Kruxa för de rätta alternativen och avsluta med "Vote"-knappen!

02-10-03, 20:46
Hello Hasse!

I'm using DISGEN Version 8.d



03-10-03, 09:27
Hej Hasse!

Jag använder också "Släktprogrammet 8.0"


05-10-03, 20:40
Seems like many genealogy programs are in use. No "leader" as far as I can see. The only thing one might read out of this poll so far is that far less of the members seem to use genealogy software than I expected. Over 160 views of the thread but only some 20+ bothered to answer. Either people don't use genealogy software or they don't simply find it necessary to participate in the poll. This I have to understand in a way that there is little need for help threads for the separate software products.

Thank you all for the participation. The poll is closed.