View Full Version : Wikman, Koponen, Allt, Savolainen,Ollikainen, Sutinen and Korhonen?

21-03-06, 22:22
I am looking for relatives to many people here. I hope somebody knows someone, or have heard about them. I would be so happy and glad for that, so I can fill up my relative tree.

Cathrina Ollikainen(Ollikatar) born 17.3.1815, died 12.1.1878 Lapinlahti.Her husband was David Kallberg.

Johan Sutinen married to Maria Korhonen 26.6.1819.Maria was born 1802 and she died 23.12.1854.

Isak Wikman born 1766, died 14.4.1833 in Kärsämäki, married to Lisa and she was born 1770, died 6.3.1833 Kärsämäki.

Elin Matintytär Koponen born 2.9.1784 birth?,her father was Matti Koponen.Place Pyhäjärvi OL.

Anna Maria Eriksdotter Allt born 30.7.1811 Onkivesi, died 3.2.1890 Pyhäjärvi OL.Married to Johan Lohvansuu, date was 23.12.1839.Anna Marias father was Erik Allt married to Kaisa Savolainen, date was 9.11.1806.

Laila from the cold Sweden