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26-03-06, 01:11
My name is Lynne Johansen and we are searching for relatives from the
> Johansson family of Tenola. I have the following information:
> Father: Day-labourer Samuel Johansson born 8/8/1852 in Inkoo
> Mother: Fredrika Bernhardina Kiellin, later written Kellin born
> 4/4/1852 in Tenhola.
> Children:
> Son Karl Sefrid Johansson born 17/9/1882 in Tenhola
> Son Otto Alexander Johansson born 21/2/1885 in Tenhola Daughter Elin
> Cecilia Johansson born 11/12/1887 in Tenhola Son Samuel Waldemar
> Johansson born 17/6/1890 in Tenhola
> Samuel Waldemar Johansson is our grand father and he became a
> naturalised Australian and married an Australian in 1922
> Any assistance in finding living relatives would be a great help as we
> are planning a trip to Finland in the next 18 months