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26-03-06, 05:26
Looking for information on Hilda Karolina Eriksson born in Korsnas 18/08/1884 and over to USA in 1901, died in Hermansville, Michigan in 1942.
She had one brother, Karl Johan, born 06/06/1880 and imigrated to USA in 1901.
She also had one sister, Lena Johanna, born 5th of July in 1877 and died September 16, 1922 in Utansjo. There is another date for Lena Johanna of 1893 d.16 of May that could be a marraige date.
Any help is much appreciated.
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William Dahlin
29-03-06, 18:32

Will send this on in case you don't have it.

1920 Census Hermansville, Micjhigan

Matt Erickson
age 71 b. 1849
USA 1880
b. Finland
Worked - Copper mine

Mary wife
age 75 b. 1845
USA 189-
b. Finland

Hilda dau
age 36 = b. 1884
b. Finland

Lydia Mary
age 7 b. 1913
b. Mich.

30-03-06, 04:25
Thank You William!

Although the names are not familiar there is a Hermansville-Finland connection. I will bring this new data to our Family Reunion in August in Hermansville.
RE: Matt Erickson age 71 b. 1849 USA 1880b. Finland
Worked - Copper mine
Matt may have been one of the siblings to my great grandfather.
Is there any way I can find out if he was a brother to Johan Anders Eriksson (Gronlund) b. Feb 19, 1851 or a son to Erik Johan Eriksson (b. Oct 6, 1828) and Greta (?) Mattsdotter Soderlund b. Aug. 28. 1818?

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William Dahlin
30-03-06, 05:01

Need to make a correction to the 1920 census record city
location is not Hermansville it should be: Keweenaw, Mich.

Hard to read and I took it for Hermansville. Will see what
I can find on Johan and Erik. The 1920 census dau Hilda
corresponds to her birth year. Don't know if this is a
connection to the Hilda you are looking for.

William Dahlin
30-03-06, 05:25

Checked Ancestry records on Johan Anders and Erik Johan
Eriksson and did not come up with anything. Tried different
spellings but did not have any luck.

Hilda's birth year was the only close connection.

08-04-06, 01:41
Thanks William,
We have ben experiencing the same problem!