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26-03-06, 07:58
Searching for information from Kestilä, Finland for my great-grandfather, John Kilpelä, b. 11 December 1869. His parent's names were Esa Kilpelä and Lina Haataja. (this info. from his death certificate in Michigan)
John Kilpelä also had one brother, Henry. I found Henry Kilpelä on the Migration Institute site going to Hancock, Michigan 28.07.1910. I know John Kilpelä was married, and I believe had two daughters in Finland, before coming to America. In America, he married Mary Amanda Pakonen, in Michigan, and had four more children.
Any information on the Kilpelä family from Finland would be greatly appreciated.
Thank-you in advance for your efforts.

A Helena
26-03-06, 17:43
Hei Denise,

Kestilä is a small commune, where people know each other. www.kestila.fi The pages also are in English. kestila*kestila.fi

Google.fi: Kestilän seurakunta (=Kestilä parish) Their minister is
called Tapio Leinonen, who shares a common hobby with us:
genealogy. Tapio.Leinonen*evl.fi Google.fi: Leinonen Tapio -
Hakuapua-Hjälp med sökning. Of course you are aware that kirkkoherra has his day off on Monday.

I have an access through my home Internet to the number search, but has not been working for several days, because of service and repair. I´ll write their addresses and phone numbers to your PM after a few days.

Terveiset aurinkoisesta Suomesta (=Greetings from sunny Finland),

28-03-06, 15:11
A Helena,
Thank-you for Tapio Leinonen's information. He has just emailed me back, and is no longer in Kestilä, but will be going to visit in two weeks, and will help me. I love the Finlander Forum, and all of the wonderful members it has. Again, thank-you from the bottom of my heart!

31-03-06, 01:38
Do you know if Lina Haatja has any connection to a Yrjö Haataja born 5 Nov 1907 in America (do not know where) died 30 Nov 1992 in Pyhäntä, Finland. He married Iida Esteri Pennanen on 27 July 1941. Esteri was born 28 April 1912 Kiuruvesi, Finland, died 9 Oct 1990 Pyhäntä, Finland.

Thank you.

04-05-06, 06:49
With all the wonderful help from A Helena, Tapio Leinonen, Jukka, and Solja I have found information and the ancestry of my great grandfather, John Kilpela! Here is what was found.

Juho (Johan) Kilpeläinen was born 3.12.1869 in Säräisniemi, and moved with his family to Kestilä in 1872. His father was Esaias (Esa) Kilpeläinen, b. 20.10.1847, died in Kestilä 1.4.1878. Mother was Stina Haataja, born 10.1.1849. She married another time to Antti Mattila or Hilli from Rantsila, where they moved to 29.5.1885. Esa's father was also Juho Kilpeläinen. Stina's father was Erkki Haataja.
Juho (Johan) had a brother, Heikki, born 7.1.1872 in Säräisniemi, declared dead in America 31.5.1890. Another brother, Jaakko (Jacob) was born 26.6.1874 in Kestilä, but died 16.1.1876. Sister was Anna Sofia, born 10.12.1876 in Kestilä, and died 24.5.1878.
In Kestilä the family lived on a farm named Rantapieto, which is in the village named Mäläskä. After 1876 they left the farm and were found in the book of those who have no land.

Esaias (Esa) Kilpeläinen was born 20.10.1847 in Säräisniemi parish, Veneheitto village, Korhola farm. He had two sisters and two brothers: Anna b. 24.11.1827 d.18.2.1864, Brita Leena b. 27.1.1839, Johan (Juho) b. 1.2.1841 d.3.8.1904, and Anders (Antti) b.10.6.1843.
Their parents were Anders (Antti) Kilpeläinen, b24.1.1805 d.31.12.1870 and Sofia Pikkarainen b.14.2.1801 d.12.6.1887. First they lived in Jaalanka village, and from 1846 in Veneheitto village.
Johan's parents were Anders (Antti) Kilpeläinen b.24.6.1756 and Anna Nurro d. 6.10.1832. They had two sons, Yrjo b.15.8.1789-15.4.1866 and Juho 1805.
Antti's parents were Anders Kilpeläinen b.11.11.1728 and Cecilia (Silja) b.1729 (her father Heikki)
His parents were Johan Kilpeläinen1702-27.10.1755 and Elisabet (Liisa) Rimpiläinen 1703-15.4.1764
His parents were Anders Kilpeläinen b. 1680 and Stina Leinonen.
His father was Niilo Kilpeläinen, b. about 1650.
Thanks to this forum I have found elusive ancestors!