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June Pelo
27-03-06, 02:39
Someone has asked for help finding information on any of the following:

1) Biddy Hudding (to New York 1820-1850, Irish emigrant)
2) Melvin Hudding b. 1861, lived 1930 in Los Angeles Cal. (Wife Louise B. b. 1872)
3) Elisabeth Hudding
4) Simirania Hudding
5) Gustav Hudding (US census, 1920 in Louisiana)
6) Stina Hudding (passenger record New York 1820-1850)
7) Lucy Hudding
8) William Hudding
9) Martha Hudding (US census 1910 in Missouri)

Would appreciate any help.


27-03-06, 03:13
Biddy Hudding Occupation Spinster
Age 20
Sex F
Literacy U
Arrived 27 Mar 1848
Origin Great Britain
Port Liverpool
Last Residence U
Destination USA
Plan Unknown
Ship Columbia
Passage Unknown
this above from http://www.castlegarden.org/
and likely known by your friend.
At the mormon site, no Biddy Hudding at all and only 2 Irish Huddings, but not yours.
So there Biddy is there but not much more. Maybe some of our online wizards can do something more? Your friends can get to a local LDS center and order a NARA film for 1848 and see if Biddy was accompanied on her trip. Probably not but who knows. Maybe
Chuck wishes all the Irish a belated happy St. Urho's day. Contrary to legend, he did not banish grasshoppers. No, he did better. Finland was a place of sand and pools of oil gushing up making life difficult. St Urho brought rocks to Finland!
somebody in the UK can help?

27-03-06, 05:09
1850 US Census Essex, Essex, New York

Hudding, Lucy
Birthplace: Nova Scotia
Age: 80
Birth: about 1770

Census taken in the Essex County Poor House

Hope this helps.

27-03-06, 05:12
One World Tree

Elisabeth Hudding est. birth 1524-1543
Spouse: Veit Weinberg b. 1528 in Nieder Wildungen
d. January 12, 1580 in Nieder Wildungen


27-03-06, 06:38

genealogy website for the UK region. Maybe useful? I'd been looking for emigration to Australia and spotted this place.


William Dahlin
27-03-06, 17:43
1930 Census California, Pasadena City Los Angeles Co.
April 10, 1930

Melvin E. Hudding
age 69
Born New York
Father & Mother born New York
Occpation none

Louise B wife
age 58
Born New York
Father & Mother born New York

? Ruuerl Hattie A Roomer
Age 62
born New York
Father born Mass
Mother born New York

William Dahlin
27-03-06, 17:45
1910 Census Missouri Central Twp 19 April 1910

Martha Hudding
age 23
Born Missouri

Ethel Hudding
age 8
Born Missouri

June Pelo
27-03-06, 18:40
Thank you all for your help. I'm trying to help someone else and will pass along all this data.


27-03-06, 20:32
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June Pelo
27-03-06, 20:40

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