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June Pelo
27-03-06, 23:52
Is anyone familiar with this Society and its founders - C. G. Bjerstedt (Bjurstedt?) and Gustav Arbil?

The Swedish Folkdance Society in New York was founded exactly 100 years ago - apparently by a man called Bjerstedt.

"On November 14, 1906, C. G. Bjerstedt and Gustav Arbil founded the Swedish Folkdance Society and
became the first dance leaders."

In 1926 Bjerstedt was spelled Bjurstedt. We're wondering which spelling is correct. I tried an Internet search but found only this reference above. The Society indicated that don't have much documentation about Bjerstedt and can't answer the question.

Does anyone have suggestions how to find out more about this C. G. Bjerstedt who was in New York 100 years ago?