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28-03-06, 17:36
Hello all!
I need help to find out if this children to Anders and Anna Amanda have some descendants in USA.Some of theyr relatives from Kållby are headed to visit USA this summer and they would be happy to find relatives ower there.

1. Anders Gustafsson GRANLUND (f.5 Okt 1869-Pedersöre Kållby Dalabäck;d.6 Apr 1918-Amerika)
ma: Anna Amanda Mattsdotter BJÖRN (f.26 Dec 1869-Pedersöre;g.14 Apr 1900)
2. Ingrid Lucia GRANLUND (f.2 Aug 1901-Björn i Forsby Pedersöre)
2. Oskar Evert GRANLUND (f.29 Mar 1903-Björn i Forsby Pedersöre)
2. Arthur GRANLUND

We appreciate everything we can find out .Thank you in advance!
BR Bert

William Dahlin
28-03-06, 19:27
Bert, Found the following

1920 Census St. Louis County, Duluth, Minnesota

Amanda Granlund
age 49 = b. 1871
b. Finland

Lucile dau
age 18 = b. 1902
b. Minn
Retail Store-Wrapper

Oscar son
age 16 = b. 1904
b. Minn
Shipyard-Passing Rivets

Arthur son
age 12
b. Minn

Ruth dau
age 9
b. Minn

William Dahlin
28-03-06, 19:40

1930 Census Los Agneles Co. Los Angeles, California

Amanda A. Granlund
age 60 = b. 1870
d. 27 Dec 1944 Los Angeles,Ca.

Earl O son age 26 = b. 1904
d. 20 Nov 1941 Los Angles, California

John B Morris son-in-law
age 27 = b. 1903
b. California
Laborer - Gas Station

Lucille I. dau
age 27 = b. 1903
married to John B. Morris Los Angeles, California
Order Clerk

Albert Lowther son-in-law
age 22
b. Colorado

Ruth E. dau
age 20 = b. 1910
b. Minn

Ruth Ellen Granlund
b. 22 Feb 1910
died 10 Nov 1984
Los Angeles, California
Married Mr. Aughey and Albert Lowther

Arthur R. Granlund
b. 4 May 1907
died 16 Sep 1960
Los Angeles, California

Hope this helps you some but it won't give any current
information as to any living children of the Granlund's.

1940 Census records will not be out until 2012 which would
show any children born .

28-03-06, 19:43
Thank you, William !
Seems to be the right people.Have you find something more about the children ? Where they live and if they got married and have children..
BR ,Bert

28-03-06, 19:48
Hello again,William!
Sorry I don´t had see the last reply from you before I send my questions.
Thank you very much!
BR ,Bert