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03-04-06, 08:43
According to Swedish newspaper the Aftonbladet presdident George W. Bush has his roots in Värmland, Sweden. The Swedish Colonial Society has traced him back to the rebel and tobacco farmer Måns Andersson ho sailed to New Sweden in 1639 with the Kalmar Nyckel.

read the story here (http://www.aftonbladet.se/vss/nyheter/story/0,2789,803619,00.html)

By the way, I remember from my youth that it was said that president Lyndon B. Johnson had his roots in Purmo, Finland, but I haven't seen any proof of it.


04-04-06, 08:51
According to Finnish evening paper Ilta-Sanomat Måns Andersson was a Finn who had emigrated to Värmland together with other Finns.

In the same article Finlander member K-G Olin tells that Andersson is mentioned in his book "Våra första Amerikafarare". Olin's theory is that Andersson lived in the summertime in Österbotten and in Värmland in the winter.

Olin is now working on a revision of this book.

If we should feel honoured by this information is a matter of dispute …:)


Elaine Goren
04-04-06, 19:25
Check this out
We toured this ship a few years ago when she was docked in Bristol, RI. What a beauty!