View Full Version : Hilda Alina Mattfolk, born Feb.7,1888 in Korsnas,Finland

03-10-03, 03:29
I'm searching for more contacts in Finland from my paternal grandmother's family. Hilda Alina Mattfolk and her sister Anna, emigrated to the USA about 1909. I understand that they both found work together in a hospital in California. I think perhaps my grandmother took the surname "Johnson" when she arrived in the US. By 1917 she had met and married my grandfather John Erick Johnson (born Johan Erik Johansson Erkus, April 23, 1886 in Sundom, Finland) in Portland, Oregon, USA. (Her sister Anna married Frank Gronlund and that family continues to reside in Oregon.) My father was the first born child, arriving in 1919 while they still lived in Portland, Oregon. Sometime later, the family of 3 returned to Finland. My aunt was born there in 1924. About that time the immigration laws in the USA changed, so when the family decided to leave Finland again, they were unable to return to Oregon and settled instead in British Columbia, Canada. My uncle was born there in 1929 and our family has remained in B.C.

My grandmother's siblings who remained in Finland took the surname Ronnlov. Her brothers who moved to the USA took different last names. One brother took Hoffman while one took Granlund.

I have made contact with the Granlund family which resides in Utah. I also have two contacts in Finland who are decendents of my grandmother's siblings. However, they do not have much of the details of my grandmother's family tree. I'm hoping to find someone who has information about my grandmother's family tree.