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K-G Molander
09-04-06, 20:11
I have:
Otto Mickelsson Backlund
Born 30 Mar 1865.
Place Skriko, Nedervetil.

I have:
Emma Johanna Johansdotter Molander
Born 8 Feb 1873
Place Tast, Nedervetil

Question 1. Is above information Correct?
Question 2. What's the parents names for Otto Mickelson Backlund?

Thank You!

Art Fors
26-04-06, 01:46
Hello K-G,

Your information should be correct. Check out June Pelo's gedcom at Talko.

Parents of Otto Mickelson Backlund are:

Mickel Johansson Skriko, born 30 May 1818 in Nedervetil, died 30 Jul 1879 in Nedervetil. Married 22 Nov 1846 in Nedervetil to Maja Lisa Mattsdotter Skriko, born 17 Aug 1823 in Nedervetil, died 13 Nov 1896 in Nedervetil.

Also check out Adcock/Dill Families (http://awt.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=451&id=I734) at Ancestry.com.


June Pelo
26-04-06, 02:39

Otto Mickelsson Backlund, d. 7 Nov 1940 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He and his wife had 3 children born in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. Do you know June Holden, SFHS member? She lives in Seattle - these are her relatives.


K-G Molander
26-04-06, 04:38
Thank you Jun; thank you Art, for the information. I'm sorry, but I don't know June Holder. I guess she is a distant relation then.