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10-04-06, 15:29
Here is a game you can play at any sales or board meeting or business seminar to keep you awake:

Draw a board with five sqares in a row and with five rows. In each square you write the following words:

Synergy, Strategy, Vision, Case, Situational sensivity
Core competence, Dynamic, Mission, Profiling, Brand
Values, Segment, Transparency, Self-direction, Signal
Profit responsibility, Resourcing, Focusing, Quality leadership. In the long run
Trend, Customer nearness, Operational environment, Concept, Function.

Whenever you hear one of the words in a presentation you draw an "X" over it. When you have five X:s in a row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally, you stand up and shout: "BULL!".

The first one of the participants who does this has won.