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Karen Norwillo
11-04-06, 22:09
I am looking for information on the family of Henrik V. Rajala, born either 5 Apr 1880 or 4 May 1880, conflicting dates found, from Alajärvi. I have info from here in the States, census, WWI Draft Card, SSDI etc, but am looking for parents in Finland. He came to US in June 1902 and his wife Maria Sofia, born abt 1878 and daughter Laina Johanna,Lena in US, born 1899, followed in 1903. They settled in the Gladstone, Kipling, Escanaba area. I don't need any US info, just Finnish background. When Maria Sofia, Sofia in US, left Finland, her passport says from Ylihärmä. Her passage record has her listed as just Fia. I found many Rajala's on Talko, but not Henrik or Heikki. In US he became Henry.
Also, is Rajala a farm name or does it have any other significance? I found many Rajala in Hiski records, but unfortunately most only go to 1850. Found many on the tombstone images in Vasa, Alavus and Rovaniemi (which I sort of discounted as passport issued Vasa.) Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially finding mother and father.

Karen Norwillo
14-04-06, 20:44
Thanks to Roger Mattson, I was able to gain some info on Henrik. Looks like he was the son of Kalle Riikanpoika Rajala and Hanna Heikintytär. His birth and that of two siblings was found on HisKi in Lehtimäki, Fagerkul farm. It gives dob as 4 May 1880. I now believe the conflict of dates was just someone reading 4.5.1880 as Apr 5.
Roger, please email me again. I neglected to save your email address. Thanks again.

Karen Norwillo
20-04-06, 21:16
Can someone tell me the English equivalent of Riiko as in Riikanpoika? The closest I could guess was Richard. I saw on another site that Riku was Richard. Karen

A Helena
20-04-06, 22:49

Kalle is Riikka´s (female) son.

Riiko doesn´t exist.



Karen Norwillo
02-05-06, 21:01
Thanks to Seija Pihlajamäki in Finland, I was able to obtain the family of Maria Sofia Rantala Laakaniemi, born 23.10.1877 in Ylihärmä Hivelä to Johan Simonsson Laakaniemi 27.4.1843 Ylihärmä Haapoja and Susanna Mattsdtr. Aulin 4.3.1841 Nykarleby.
Henrik and Maria Sofia also had a son Urho Jaakoppi 22.12.1900 in Lehtimäki, died 26.4.1901 in Ylihärmä Yliluoma Ylitupa.
She was unable to find Henrik and Maria's marriage date.

02-05-06, 21:54
I found this marriage date:

Alahärmä - married
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm
21.5.1865 i från Ylihärmä St. Drg. Sonen Johan Simonsson Lauhaniemi Torp.dottren Susanna Mattsdotter Aulin

original - ALKUPKOMM: _f.203

Christina Nordback

Karen Norwillo
03-05-06, 20:23
Thank you. I received this info from Seija. This marriage was the parents of Maria Sofia. I have several generations on her side now, but no marriage date for Henrik and Maria Sofia. I would guess probably about 1898. I'm curious as to where the Rantala name came from. Going back 3 generations from Maria Sofia's birth, I found no reference to Rantala on either her mother or father's side. I'm wondering if possibly she was married before Henrik to a Rantala.

Karen Norwillo
04-05-06, 21:53
I have another question. Maria Sofia's maternal grandparents were Matts Jakobsson Aulin 1 May 1813 Nykarleby and Maria Johansdotter Mutka 5 Jan 1812. In searching Talko, I found Jakob Eriksson Aulin 17 Feb 1770 Nykarleby and Lisa Greta Widlund 20 Jun 1772 Vasa. Are these Matts parents? HisKi shows the births of Jakob Reinhold 1797 and Maria Ulrika 1799, but no Matts. The timeline fits. Also, Mettähaka, what or where is this. It appears after Aulin in the info I received from Seija. Thanks for anyone who can help.
Also, can someone recommend a good source for occupations? I can't find "handelsman" in any of mine. Closest I can guess is tradesman or merchant.

04-05-06, 22:52
I have Jakob Eriksson Aulin , but no son Matts.

Aulin, Jakob Eriksson.
Handlanden. Född 17.02.1770. Ägde gården nr.79 i Nykarleby.
Far Aulin, Erik Hansson. Handlande. Född 11.05.1742 i Nykarleby. Död i feber 21.12.1810 i Nykarleby.
Mor Neumann, Maria Jacobsdotter. Född 10.12.1748 i Nykarleby. Död 02.10.1822 i Vasa.
Gift 25.10.1795 i Vasa med
Widlund, Lisa Greta. Född 20.06.1772 i Vasa. Död 13.10.1801 i Vasa.
Aulin, Erik Samuel Jakobsson.
Styrman. Född 15.05.1795 i Vasa, Korsholm. Sköt sig 10.11.1817 i Vasa.
Aulin, Jakob Reinhold. Född 23.02.1797 i Nykarleby.
Aulin, Maria Ulrica Jacobsdotter. Född 01.04.1799 i Nykarleby. Död 25.08.1800.

On this site you found a swedish/english dictionary with genealogy terms http://www.algonet.se/~hogman/slaekt.htm

Christina Nordback

Margareta L
04-05-06, 23:54
The family of bricklayer Johan Simonsson Laakaniemi lived in Haapoja village, Hirvelä farm, Rantala croft. From that came the Rantala name.
Mettähaka croft was in Keskikylä village, Kujala farm. Aulin families in Nykarleby are not the same as in Alahärmä and Ylihärmä.
Matts Jakobsson Aulin, shoemaker was born 29.4.1813 in Alahärmä, Laituri.
I have more info if you want.

Regards Margareta

Karen Norwillo
05-05-06, 17:30
Thank you for the answers to my questions. Now I finally know where the Rantala came from.
The info I received from Seija has Matts Jakobsson born 1 May 1813 in Nykarleby, but that may be an error. HisKi has the family of Matts Jakobsson Aulin moving from Nykarleby to Ylihärmä 12 Oct 1844. Seija's info also says he was a skomakare, shoemaker, I believe, so that matches your info. Yes, I would like to share your info. I will send you my email address at your private message.

Karen Norwillo
09-05-06, 18:05
I want to thank Margareta for all her help. She provided me with generations of the family of Susanna Mattsdotter Aulin.
I was also, I think, able to find the birth of Kalle Riikanpoika Rantala. HisKi Lehtimäki shows born: 3 Jun 1845, Rantala farm, mother: Henrika Johansdotter 32, Carl öä. This would seem to fit.

June Pelo
09-05-06, 18:52
I have a book about Beata Aulin, 1778-1855, daughter of a priest in Nykarleby, Henrik Aulin, b. 1737 in Nykarleby. Beata was born in Kronoby 1778. But the book doesn't include any other children of Henrik Aulin. It indicates Henrik's parents were Hans Aulin, 1698 in Nykarleby, married 1754 to Susanna Turdin. Hans Aulin's father was Matts Eriksson who took the name Aulin from his wife Anna Jönsdotter Aulin.


13-06-06, 11:27
Hi, I was told that Rajala was the name of a farm. My grandmother's father was Matti Matinpoika Haavisto, later Rajala after he went to work on that farm. He was born in 1845 in Jurva, Finland. Hope this helps. Margie