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13-04-06, 03:42
I am searching for the family of Maria Amanda Pakonen, born 23.01.1881 in Muhos, Oulu Province. I have her passenger record (depart Finland 20.05.1903, depart England 05.28.1903) and passport record (05.05.1903) from the Institute of Migration.
In Michigan, she married John Kilpelä and had 4 children: Waino b. 1911; Aina b. June 1, 1913; Aili b. 1915 and William b. 1920. I am looking for information from Finland on her parents, siblings, and back in history. Thank-you in advance for all your effort!


18-04-06, 23:33

I may have some information of this lady from Muhos.

It looks like she has either been engaged or newly-married to a farmer's son Abraham Jacobson Rahko (b. 22.12.1887). The Rahko house is located in Laitasaari village. There is no wedding day enclosed and not even Maria's birthdate. This may indicate that they were just recently engaged.

What happened to Abraham - my source from year 1900 doesn't tell it. However, Abraham's brothers Juho Jacobson Rahko (b. 29.12.1883) and Pietari (Pekka) Jacobson Rahko (b. 1.10.1880) moved to States, passports 1903 (Juho) and 1910 (Pekka).

The second source - census list from year 1950 concerning Laitasaari village - tells that Maria Amanda Pakonen, a working woman, born 23.1.1881 in Muhos is in a catalogue with other persons not located in any house in Muhos - she was "in America".

First source (1900) tells that Maria was "Amandantytär", Amanda's daughter.

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19-04-06, 02:53
Hi Solja,
I remember that my grandmother, Ina, stated on her marriage license that her mother's maiden name (Maria Amanda) was Bahko, and I realize now that it was probably Rahko. Later she claimed it was Pakonen.
I wonder what happened to Abraham Rahko? Maybe he died?
Thank-you for all of your help!

P.S. Your "first post" was WONDERFUL!!!! Great job!

19-04-06, 03:09
Hi again, Solja,
My grandmother must have thought that her mother's maiden name was Rahko, and it was really her mother's married name. I'm not so confused now! Ha!Ha!
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19-04-06, 17:19
Hi again,

Yes, maybe it was so that her husband (or fiance) Abraham Jaakonpoika Rahko died. The elder brother Juho Jaakonpoika Rahko left Finland with passport dated 24.02.1903 and Maria Amanda Pakonen Rahko couple of months later with passport dated 05.05.1903.

Finally - Juho's cousin Pekka (Pietari Juhonpoika) Rahko left with passport dated 15.06.1910.

I wrote wrong first, these Pekka and Juho were first cousins - not brothers.

I have more information about this family. I also checked where the Pakonen people used to live in Muhos, Laitasaari village. The information was very, very peculiar: they lived on the same farm area where we live now. The register number of the house is 24 and the farm was (and is) called Laukka.

Should I send the information to you by e-mail? Maybe others are not interested in reading all of this stuff, I don't know?

What is the normal practice on this site, asks the novice,


04-05-06, 07:31
With the wonderful help from Solja and Jukka, more information has been found on my great grandmother, Maria Amanda Pakonen. She was married to John Kilpelä in America.
Her parents were Susanna Heikki's daughter Pakonen, born on June 4, 1849 in Muhos. Married Jan. 1, 1893 in Muhos, spouse crofter Juho Elsa's son Arola, born July 17, 1823.
Children were:
Juho Heikki, born May 21, 1874 in Muhos, died July 11, 1875 in Muhos.
Kaarlo Jaakko, born July 8, 1877 in Muhos, died Jan. 17, 1878 in Muhos.
Maria Amanda, born Jan. 23, 1881 in Muhos.
Aina Johanna, born Sept. 12, 1884 in Muhos.

Maria Amanda went in 1901 to house of Rahko in Laitasaari's village in Muhos and appears to be wife, or engaged to Abraham Jaakop. Rahko, born 22.12.1887. Maria Amanda's passport date was 5.5.1903, and she departed Finland 20.5.1903.
I have found that she first moved to Minnesota, and also found an Abraham Rahko there, (but there is no record of his immigration from Finland, although he had a brother, Juho who immigrated 24.2.1903 and a cousin, Pietari Juhonp. Rahko immigration date of 15.6.1910.) I'm unsure if Maria Amanda and Abraham Rahko were married. Maria Amanda married John Kilpelä, and lived in Michigan, and had five children, Waino born 1911, Aina born June 1, 1913, Aili born 1915, William born 1920, and a baby that died in childbirth.
Thank-you to the Finlander Forum for such wonderful members and all the help I've received so far!