View Full Version : Connection to SWENSON RESEARCH CENTER?

15-04-06, 17:34
I know this is a long shot, but I came across this * the Swenson Research Center. Does anyone have any connections with the Research Center to find out more information on:
Hellgren, Carl
Description: The collection consists of 1 hand-written leaf of English-language exercises. _Volume: 1 folder_Language: English_Control Num: SSIRC SAC P:232_
I think this may be my grandfather. I am coming up with zero in my researches!


June Pelo
15-04-06, 18:13
Perhaps Chuck can help with that. Has anyone seen any mail from him lately? Chuck, are you still with us?


Karen Norwillo
15-04-06, 18:16
Chuck Mäki, a Finlander member, has close ties to Swenson. You'll find him very helpful. I'm sure he'll be replying to your post soon. Karen

15-04-06, 22:31
Thanks June and Karen. I look forward to hearing from Chuck.


Karen Norwillo
17-04-06, 21:31
You can send Chuck a private message. Just click on Members, go to the letter "G" and click on "granskare," that's Chuck's member name. Come to think of it, we haven't heard from him in awhile. Karen

18-04-06, 10:50
Chuck hasn't been feeling well and probably will be less on-line for some time. I'm sure he will rejoin us when his health makes it possible.

Till then - take care Chuck!