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16-04-06, 10:27
Looking a death date for Hiskias Kuivanen b. 3.11.1876 in Parkano, Finland. He arrived to Boston at 1902. The rumer sais that he was murdered in N.Y.

19-04-06, 01:45
Hi Sokko

I too have a query regarding a murder / kidnapping in Boston of my great great aunt in 1902.

According to church records Edla Soderblom, born 27.01.1881 in Maxmo Finland died 1902 in Amerika under mysterious circumstances.

Perhaps someone can give us help or suggestions to find out more about our ancestors disappearance.


28-04-06, 05:54
Found on Ancestry.com:

New York City Deaths 1892-1902

Edlla Soderblom
Death Date: August 28, 1902
Age: 21 yrs.
Certificate # 15565

Copies of the records can be ordered from:

NYC Municipal Archives
31 Chambers Street, Rm. 103
NY, NY. 10007
(212) 788-8580
(212) 385-0984 Fax

Hope this helps,

28-04-06, 06:18

Thanks Denise for the info. EXCELLENT!
I will contact the NYC Municpal Archives for a copy of the records.
Hopefully" cause of death "will be given.

This has been a great day for results, I just found Edla's passport info on the Finland's Institute of migration site.

Thanks again