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Shirley King
03-10-03, 16:56
Hasse, I would love to send you the information that I have collected, but I am so technology challenged I don't know how to export a GEDCOM! HELP! My software is Generations by Broderdund. Any suggestions?

05-10-03, 11:42
Originally posted by Shirley King
...HELP! My software is Generations by Broderdund...

Hi Shirley,

Try looking in the File menu of the program. Usually there is either an "Export" or a "Save As" -command with a suboption where you may choose the "file format" to GEDCOM. In some cases there is an explicit command "Save to GEDCOM" or "Export to GEDCOM".

In any case, upon use of the command, save the file TO A NEW FILENAME. Usually the program itself adds the .ged suffix. If, during the export, you get more options to choose from then the magic words are "gedcom 5.5" and ANSI.

If you want to ask more specific questions during your first tries to export - drop me a line over email and I'll try to assist.