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Jaska Sarell
17-04-06, 14:53
Couldn't find the original thread.


I placed a query about Lydia Visti in a Finnish postlist, and got a reply today - after nearly three weeks.
She was found in a Keisari Family book, part 2.

Father: Matti Juhanpoika Välimaa/Visti b. 29.11.1847 Kortesjärvi Ylikylä Stoor, d. 14.2.1925 Kortesjärvi Ylikylä.
His parents: Juha Juhanpoika Stoor/Välimaa and Liisa Matintytär Tyynismaa.
Matti moved to Kauhava in 1865 and back to Kortesjärvi in 1869. He went to America in 1.4.1893 and returned with 2nd wife Liisa in 11.9.1907.
1. marriage 28.11.1873 in Kortesjärvi with Kaisa Antintytär Hepokangas, b. 25.6.1841 Kortesjärvi Isomäki Saarijärvi torp, d. 28.2.1887 Kortesjärvi Ylikylä.
Her parents: Antti Kustaanpoika Manninen/Hautamaa and Kaisa Juhontytär Hautamaa.
Lydia, b. 17.6.1876, moved to Purmo in 1895, back to Kortesjärvi in 1896, to America in 8.1.1897.
Kustaa, b. 26.6.1879 Kortesjärvi Ylikylä, d. 13.6.1881.
Liisa, b. 3.2.1885 Kortesjärvi Ylikylä, d. 8.2.1885.
Adolfina, b. 21.2.1887 Kortesjärvi Ylikylä, d. 6.12.1951 America.
2. marriage 4.11.1887 in Kortesjärvi with Liisa Eliaksentytär Koski, b. 11.11.1862 Ylistaro, d. 25.7.1943 Kortesjärvi.
Her parents: Elias Juhanpoika Koski and Liisa Matintytär Rintakangas.
Matias Nikolai, b. 2.11.1889 Kortesjärvi Ylikylä, d. in America, announced dead, death date as 1.9.1938.

It seems that you belong to a large well researched Keisari (Kejsar) family from Soini, starting from Vilppu Keisari (Filip Kejsar), who lived about 1562-1630.
Link: http://koti.japo.fi/~keisari/

Don't get confused with "surnames".

:) Jaska

19-04-06, 07:40
How do I go about getting this information from these books? I looked at the link but I see it is all in Swedish or Finnish? Do you know if there is an English version? I will email the contact listed on the site but thought you may have some advice for me too.

Thank you for finding this information for me.

Now I just need to find Jenni Kathariina Starkman (Tornio) and Anders Hurtig (Kemi). I do have some on them from a cousin but would like to go further. I have some things to around 1800 on them.

This has been such a wonderful, helpful forum.


Jaska Sarell
22-04-06, 00:35
Hi Terri,

I gave the link to main page of Keisari Family Association. There's a link to English content. Not much, but neither there's not much in Finnish and Swedish. Just to let you know that it exists...

Today I looked at your Starkman family. Not in Tornio, but in Alatornio - the large rural parish around city of Tornio.
No later birth records available from there, but I found them from "children's book". Children (note two pairs of twins) of Adolf Fredrik Starkman and wife Maria Karolina until 1890 were:
Jenny Katharina 2.8.1878
Adolf Fredrik 21.8.1880
Armas Henrik 13.2.1883 (died soon)
Aina Lemmikki 13.2.1883
Wäinö Felix 15.12.1885
Aili Maria 3.10.1888 (died soon)
Armas Henrik 12.3.1890
Aili Maria 12.3.1890

Parents' details from "communion book":
Adolf Fredrik Pehrsson Starkman b. 28.5.1854
Maria Karolina Johansdotter b. 19.9.1855

Adolf Fredrik's birth can be found in Alatornio. His parents were cottager ("backstuga karlen") Pehr Olofsson Starkman and wife Brita Maria.
Parents' marriage can be found in HisKi on 9.12.1848 in Alatornio (Bd:s: Pehr Olofsson Stark and Pig Brita Maria Säärelä, both from the village of Ruottala).
Maria Karolina's birth could not be found in Alatornio, and the records don't tell the birth place.
Alatornio books listed non-farmer families separately (fortunately in alphabetical order), but there was a reference to page (329) that listed farm (number 3) named Stark in Ruottala village.
Very confusing custom for me :confused:

All above names cited as written in the originals.

Hopefully you can get a lead to somewhere from these. As I told before, "not my territory".
But for your Kortesjärvi and Purmo ancestors I'll continue to keep my eyes open.

:) Jaska

22-04-06, 10:09
Hello Jaska!

I have been doing some research on the Härjebacka-branch and I have found a large family here in Finland. I have forwarded my information (ab. 570 names) to Terri and I have also given adresses to living relatives in Jakobstad, Pedersöre and Socklot. So I think that this part is very well documented at this moment.


Jaska Sarell
22-04-06, 11:40
Hej Christian,

Can you send the ancestral part of Härjebackas for me, too. I'm interested in all old greater Pedersöre (both Swedish and Finnish parishes) connections, and especially Purmo is still very limited and sketchy.
My email: jaskas*sci.fi

For Terri, I'll find the Keisari book #2 in GSF library to see, if there are familiar names. I myself have book #1 only.

:) Jaska

26-04-06, 04:35
Thank you for finding this information about the Starkman family. What does it mean when it says Pig in front of someone's name, such as Pig Brita Maria? That does not sound good to someone in America:eek: I know it does not really mean pig as I know it, but it does sound funny and I wonder what it means.


Jaska Sarell
26-04-06, 13:36

Piga (abbr: p, pig) is a servant or generally an unmarried girl. In Finnish piika.
Similarly dräng (abbr: drg, dr, d, dg) is a farm hand, but can in some places mean farmer's son. In Finnish renki.

A good source for the words and abbreviations in church records is Harri Hirvelä's "historismi.net" (http://www.saunalahti.fi/hirvela/indexuk.html).

:) Jaska