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18-04-06, 14:16
I have a family in the Sideby Vaasa area, and have been given the following information Frans Victor Johannsson BODMAN born 2 Jun 1898 whose father was Johan BODMAN. He was born 1870 at Bodan, Sideby, Vaasa. Frans married Olivia Josefina Eriksson? STORSJO born 4 Jun 1904 Finland. She died Feb.1992. Olivia's parents were Erik Edvin Eriksson STORSJO born 14 dec 1869, married 15 June 1894 Sideby Vaasa died 29 May 1927. He was married to Matilda Emilia Josefsdotter HANSES born 2 June 1872 and died 17 Jun 1932.
I realise that Josefina probably shouldn't be followed by Eriksson, I guess it is Eriksdotter, but I cannot check that just at the moment and I want to get going on this tree. Can anyone help me with information to take this line back. Is there a microfiche that I can purchase of a parish which includes this small settlement. I see that the name and Settlement have already been mentioned in the thread "Bodan" in Sideby and was so thrilled to see that someone, somewhere does know something. I am very new to Finland Genealogy. I have been researching in England for 20 years, but this all seems so different. Can someone help? I only speak English and a very little French.
Regards Sue Kinsella- Australia -Adelaide

18-04-06, 22:24
It seems that the luck of the Irish is with you (I assume Kinsella of north county Wexford, Munster, originally - but maybe not).

Go to the following webpage:


You will find:

3 MATILDA EMILIA JOSEFSDOTTER HANSES b. 2 Jun 1872 d. 17 Jun 1932; m. ERIK EDVIN ERIKSSON STORSJO b. 14 Dec 1869 d. 29 Jan 1927

With many, many Finnish cousins.

Family page you want is at


Apparently, there are a lot of Hanses ancestors here. This may be a "Pellas" line (Sideby-Lappfjärd region), or at least include some "Pellas" cousins.

"Cousin Åstrand, da Bearman" has the Pellas book and knows the area, since he grew up there. So, CÅ, if you see this, you may want to jump in.

Your Erik Edvin's Eriksson Storsjö's father (Erik "Storsjö") will be more difficult. Because, HisKi Sideby baptisms are not on line.

Go to the following webpage


That is the HisKi search form for Sideby. Type in the years 1787 and 1850. Change events to 1000 from 50. Leave all else blank. Hit Submit. You should get 421 marriages - some are your ancestors. Suggest you save the search result as an html file to your hard drive and you can search it at leisure.

If you have problems let me know.

Sundblom home page


This Sundblom genealogy page seems well done, but I do not guarantee accuracy. However, it seems a good start.

Bonne chance avec sa généalogie !!


June Pelo
18-04-06, 22:38
Staffan Storteir and Kim McIsaac have Hanses from Sideby in their genealogy. Don't know if they have been active online recently...


19-04-06, 03:40
A brief comment on Finnish "surnames". Until recently (20th cent.), they did not exist in your area of Finland - as surnames were used among Irish and French-Canadians.

The full Finnish name sequence is (baptismal name) (patronymic) (farm name). The farm name changed if a person moved to a different farm.

Example: my ancestor, born on Holti farm, moved to Ehn farm. His son, born on Ehn, moved to Styf farm. I use a LIFO method for these people (last farm first).

So, B. Asson Ehn-Holti > C. Bsson Styf-Ehn.

Others use a FIFO system (first farm first). Just a matter of taste. You won't find parish records describing a "Styf-Ehn".

You will find records of a Styf farm with names (first & patronymic), and perhaps a "f. Ehn" (f. = fodd = born) for my C. Bsson.

There have been a number of threads here and elsewhere discussing the basics. So, you have some homework.

Get the basics down before being too hasty in climbing family trees.

I did climb through your ancestors on the webpage (no Pellas by the way). It seems quite navigable.


19-04-06, 06:25
Hi Kinsella,

-- Frans Victor Johannsson BODMAN born 2 Jun 1898 married to Olivia Josefina Eriksson? STORSJO born 4 Jun 1904 --

I remember both these persons. Using the available local literature I've succeeded in going backwards with regard to Olivia Josefina Eriksson? STORSJÖ's parents. In order to trace Frans Victor Johannsson BODMAN's line you have to fill in two generations prior to 1870 to be able to connect to and use Holmberg's complete compilations (S3) of the church books until circa 1830 in which the persons on the Bodman settlement in Sideby are well documented. Please see the thread at http://finlander.eget.net/showthread.php?threadid=2559 . (Regrettably, I notice that I haven't answered Roy Mattson's later follow up message but promise to do it as I got some photos from Bodan. Maybe he can help you with Bodman data?). Either you send a letter to the parish office of Sideby and ask for "personbevis" for Frans Victor Johansson BODMAN born 2 June 1898, presumably on the Bodman farm in the Bodan village in Sideby, his parents (Johan Bodman b. 1870 in Bodan),grandparents and great grandparents, or study the microcards for Sideby parish (which you have to order from a regional archive in Finland) on your own. The latter is perhaps not the most convenient way to start with, however. I would like to help you to fill in the missing generations by visiting the parish office, but am not quite sure if I can promise to have time to do it. Once you have a Bodman born before circa 1830 it is not very hard to look up his ancestors in Holmberg's book.

Frans Victor Johansson BODMAN born 2 Jun 1898 married 20.7.1923 to Olivia Josefina *Edvinsdotter* STORSJÖ born 4 Jun 1904.

Olivia Josefina Edvinsdotter STORSJÖ's (b. 4.6.1904) parents were Erik Edvin Eriksson Storsjö b. 14.12.1869 married 15.6.1894 to Matilda Emilia Hanses b. 2.6.1872. Erik Edvin had been adopted by his uncle Josef Henrik Storjö who had no children in his marriage and got his farm and he also aquired the "Röckå" farm SE of Storsjö village (http://sydaby.eget.net/eng/nybond/storsjo.htm) on the other side of the county boarder (S1). Map at http://sydaby.eget.net/map/recksen_1904.htm

Erik Edvin Eriksson Storsjö's (b. 14.12.1869) parents were Erik Axel Axelsson Storsjö b. 20,3.1848 married 20.3.1869 to Anna Matilda Mattsdotter Norrback. (S2)

Erik Axel Axelsson Storsjö's (b. 20,3.1848) parents were Axel Johansson Lillteir b. 24.8.1827 married to Lisa Lovisa Johansdotter Storsjö (Danielsson) b. 13.11.1820. (S2)

Lisa Lovisa Johansdotter Storsjö's (Danielsson) b. 13.11.1820 parents were
Johan Danielsson Storsjö b. 4.5.1778 in Tavastkyro married to Lisa Johansdotter B. 15.2.1789 in Pörtom. (S2)

Johan Danielsson Storsjö's parents were Daniel Michelsson b. 1744 married to Maria Andersdotter b. 1747, on Heiska farm in Viljakkala village in Tavastkyro (Hämeenkyrö in Finnish) (S2)

Axel Johansson Lillteir's (b. 24.8.1827) parents were
Johan(nes) Matsson Lillteir b. 24.5.1787 married 1808 to Maja Greta Henriksdr Strömberg b. 30.4.1790 in Sideby. (S3)

Johan(nes) Matsson Lillteir's (b. 24.5.1787) parents were:

Mats Jakobsson b. 20.2.1756 in Lappfjärd. He was said to be born on Teir. It might be Teir in Härkmeri, Lappfjärd. Married 26.12.1777 to Maria Johansson Lillteir in Sideby b. 1.11.1754 (1751). (S3)

Maria Johansson Lillteir's (b, 1.11.1754 [1751]) parents were Johan Jakobsson b. 1727 married since circa 1754 to Brita Hansdr. (S3)

Johan Jakobsson b. 1727 on the second Teir farm (later on Lillteir) in Sideby. His parents were Jakob Andersson b. 1693 married (in his second marriage) to Brita Eriksdr. b. 1693. (S3)

- S1. Nybond Gunnar: Soldater, torpare och bönder. Släkt- och bygdekrönika från Sydösterbotten. - Vasa 1980. http://sydaby.eget.net/eng/nybond/nybond.htm
- S2. Nybond Gunnar: Gränsmark. Släkt- och bygdekrönika från Sydösterbotten 2. - Vasa 1984
- S3. Karl-Axel Holmberg, Mål och bygd i Sideby, Almqvist & Wiksell International 1986, Stockholm, Sweden http://sydaby.eget.net/swe/dialekt.htm

Hope it helps,

19-04-06, 07:51
Brief comment on one of Staffan's (excellent) entries:

"Lisa Lovisa Johansdotter Storsjö's (Danielsson) b. 13.11.1820 parents were Johan Danielsson Storsjö b. 4.5.1778 in Tavastkyro married to Lisa Johansdotter B. 15.2.1789 in Pörtom. (S2)"

HisKi Pörtom (Finn. Pirttikylä) baptisms have a gap from 1782-1795. So, instant gratification - her parents - will not be found there.

Interesting ancestry here - Tavastkyro in Pirkanmaa (Birkaland), the Tampere Region (another province, to the southeast of Ostrobothnia), and some Pörtombor (quite north of Sideby).

Since Pörtomborna tended to intermarry, we might have a cousinage link there.

See, as an example, FF thread (pages 2-3):


If there were a Pörtom farm name for Lisa Johansdotter (prob. not in Sideby records since Staffan gave none), searching would be easier in other Pörtom sources.

We'll see what we can find. Some Pörtombor help here would be appreciated.


19-04-06, 09:05

Here is a link to Henriksdals homepage (a village in Kristinestad as well as Sideby and Lappfjärd). There is online gen.book on this page:


--> you can download the book in pdf (requires acrobat reader). There are a lot of Storsjö and Bodmans mentioned here probably a lot of your couinses. Link: http://www.henriksdal.fi/contentlibrary/Henriksdal/Historik/Slaktboken_Ehrenforss.pdf

Have fun!

Example from the booki:

Johannes Carlsson Rosenlund (far Carl Fredrik Johansson Rosenlund, tabell 525). Född 30.8.1856 i Skaftung. Död
11.11.1904 i Amerika. -Gift 1880 med Anna Kajsa Mattsdotter Lång. Född 9.9.1851 i Lappfjärd (Lillvik). Död 16.4.1939 i
Gladston, Michigan i USA. Föräldrar: Inhyses Matts Johansson Lillvik och hustrun Anna Kajsa Eriksdotter Sjuls.
Bosatt först på Ulfves i Lappfjärd, från 1884 bland obesuttna på byns mark. Inhyses. Johannes utvandrade till
Amerika 1888 och hustrun 1909.
V. Barn:
1. Alvina Wilhelmina Johansdr. Rosenlund. Född 28.6.1881 i Lappfjärd. Tabell 596.
1. Johan Viktor Johansson Rosenlund. Född 14.2.1883 i Lappfjärd. Utvandrat till Amerika 1903.
1. Maria Amenda Johansdr. Rosenlund. Född 10.9.1885 i Lappfjärd. Till Amerika 1905.
1. Alfred Adrian Johansson Rosenlund. Född 5.2.1888 i Lappfjärd. -Gift 1906 med Alvina Josefina Fransdotter Teir.
Född 28.1.1883 i Härkmeri. Föräldrar: Bonden Frans Viktor Karlsson Teir och Maria Sofia Eriksdotter Geisor.
Alfred reste till Amerika 1904. Återkom och gifte sig i Härkmeri. Makarna utvandrade till Amerika genast efter
bröllopet. "Säges vara död 1940". Inga barn antecknade i Finland.

Tabell 596.
V. Alvina Wilhelmina Johansdr. Rosenlund (far Johannes Carlsson Rosenlund, tabell 595). Född 28.6.1881 i Lappfjärd. -
Gift 1904 med Otto Vilhelm Kristiansson Bergroth. Född 26.4.1882 i Sideby (Storsjö). Föräldrar: Inhyses Kristian Vilhelm
Johansson Bergroth och hustrun Henrika Karlsdotter.
Bosatta i Storsjö i Sideby. Otto utvandrade till Amerika 1910 och hustrun och dottern 1913.
VI. Barn:
1. Tyra Alvina Bergroth. Född 30.8.1904 i Sideby. Död 22.9.1910.
1. Edit Anni Josefina Bergroth. Född 20.10.1905 i Sideby.
1. Einor Sigfrid Bergroth. Född 13.12.1907 i Sideby. Död 18.9.1910.

19-04-06, 11:55
Hi Sue

I'm playing catch up on Finlander as computer has been out of action for just over a week. I see you are from Adelaide, as I am, although have been living in the UK (with trips back every few years) for past 28 years. Welcome to Finlander from one "Croweater" to another. I lived in Walkerville, Salisbury and Hillcrest in my single years. We were back in Adelaide in January this year and in Oz 4 months that trip.

Hope you enjoy Finlander - I am sure you will - you can look forward to one of my birthday poems (yawn, yawn) in January!!


19-04-06, 13:41
Wow, what an incredibly helpful bunch of people you are. My special thanks to Jim, Steffan and Christera It seems that at least half of my work is done already. Now all I need to find out is where to purchase microfiche for the Baptisms for Sideby, Vassa, Finland to pursue my Bodman family.
I have been advised of a site for the marriages BUT these are from 1850 backwards and so I may need to access marriages from 1850 to 1900. How is this best done. Again I would imagine that I will need to purchase of microfiche. Does anyone know where I can get these from? An address would be good, or a site where I can get an address.
My heartfelt thanks

22-04-06, 21:27
Hi Sue !
here´s a link to the Finnish parishes homesites.I hope this would help you.http://www.evl.fi/svenska/forsaml.htm

23-04-06, 01:02

Sideby (Finn. Siipyy) parish is not found (at least by me) in the list at


which are webpage links.

Nor, did I find it in the "S" addresses list:


Maybe, I am just having a "Irish" day.

It's not like the Sideby church doesn't exist


Looks like a good site for you to look at.

Now, perhaps, some progress.

Here is an address from 2003 (cut and paste from a message board):

Tel: 06 2225551


Kyrkoherde i Sideby församling
Adress: Prästgården, 64490 Sideby
tfn o. fax: (06) 222 5515

Kyrkoherde = priest, pastor

Note conflict in tel # 5551 and 5515. Must be typo (tfn o. fax = telephone and fax). Don't know which one is correct.

Seems there is (will be) a new priest at Sideby:


For future reference, be aware of the link (at the top of Bert's linked webpage) to the Svensk-Finn congregations (Borgå, Porvoo diocese - also with a new bishop).

It goes to


The Swedish list includes the Lappfjärd-Kristinestads församling (congregation) and the Pörtom församling. Neither has a webpage.


23-01-09, 14:54
Did anyone happen to download this pdf (Slaktboken_Ehrenforss.pdf)? It is no longer available through the link provided here in Christera's post dated 19-04-06.


June Pelo
23-01-09, 17:23

Here's some info. about Ehrenforss:

Kaj Granlund
24-01-09, 12:44
The lutheran congregations of Sideby Lappfjärd and Kristinestad have for one year now been joined together to the new Lappfjärd-Kristinestads församling, Address Rådhusgatan 11, 64100 Kristinestad. If you need an email please contact me.

Roy Mattson
17-02-09, 18:24
Hi Susan

Sorry I did not reply earlier. Your letters triggered a frantic search to see if your Johan Bodman was the same as my Johan Bodman. We must be some sort of cousins. Let me know where you fit into Johan’s ancestry and we can compare notes.

(Source: Nybond Gunner: Skaftung by I Kristinestad, Släkterna Sundnäs och Teirfolk)
Maria Adelina Reinholdsdotter Lillbäck, f. 24.8.1853, gift 11.7.1876 med Johan Victor Johansson Bodman, f. 8.4.1852, bonde på Bodman nr 8, död 26.9.1898.
A. Johan Emil, f. 21.2.1878
B. Elida Maria, f. 28.5.1880, g. Mattsson
C. Adelina Matilda, f. 12.3.1884, g. Eriksson
D. Frans Victor, f.26.11.1888, d. 5.2.1893
E. Artur Alfons, f. 26,11,1888, d. 5.2.1892, tvilling
F. Axel Evert, f. 24.12,1890, d. 5.1.1892
G. Axel Alfons, f. 26.12.1892, till Vasa
H. Ester Alexander, f. 3,11,1894, g. Storsjö
I. Frans Viktor, f. 2.2.1898, g.

( as a sidenote, B. Elida Maria or as she was known, Ida, was my grandmother.)

(There is a discrepancy with the date of Johan Bodman’s birth. You stated it was 1870, but the reference states it was 1852. If this is the same person, he would have been 8 years old at the birth of his first son.)

( The winters of 1892 and 1893 must have been severe, since the twins Frans Victor and Artur Alfons along with Axel Evert lost their lives in Jan & Feb at a very young age.)

(Source: Nybond Gunner: Soldater, torpare och bönder)
Olivia Josefina Edvinsdotter Storsjö, f. 4.6.1904. gift 20. 7.1923 with Frans Viktor Bodman f.2.2.1898 i Sideby, ”Bodan”.
Barn, born in Sideby:
A. Frans Erik Eugen, f. 12.2.1924
B. Karl Ake, f. 19.12.1926
C. Brita Regina Oliva, F. 9.10.1928
D. Rurik Mikael, f. 27, 4, 1930
E. Gösta Albert Daniel, f. 22.2.1933
F. Birgit Märta Matilda. F. 22.2.1941
Son: Per Kenneth, f. In Solna 25.11.1965
All six children born in the family emigrated to Sweden.

Let me know if this is your family. I have some of Maria Lillbäck’s ancestry to the 1700’s if you would like to have it. With respect to Johan Bodman I don’t have much. I believe his parents are:

Johan Henrik Mattson Bodman f: Nov 11 1824, d; 27 Nov 1858
Greta Sofia f: 10 Jul 1925

However, I do not know where I got this and its accuracy. As Staffan stated, if I had a little more of his ancestry, I could try to look in Holmberg, Mål och bygd i Sideby. I like you do not read Swedish and it will be a task since the book is almost entirely prose.