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18-04-06, 16:01
I' m looking for Petter (Pekka) Hyvarinen, born 2nd Nov. 1890 in Finland Pielavesi. His father was Juho Hyvarinen and mother was Maria Uotinen.
Pekka Hyvarinen travelled in Oct. 1911 from Tornio to South America (Brazil ?) and later to USA (Michigan ?).
That's all we know about our g uncle.
Now I'm looking any information about him or his relatives.

I'm thankful for all information about family Hyvarinen.


Karen Douglas
18-04-06, 17:58
Hi Ulla,

Welcome to the Finlander Forum! I notice this is your first posting.

I have no information about Petter Hyvarinen, but I had an aunt named Alma Hyvarinen who was born in Finland.

I don't know much about her except she married my mother's brother, Arvid Matias Wuori, of Mustasaari. They emigrated from Finland to the U.S. and settled in Ashtabula, Ohio. They had no children.

Just thought I'd share...

Karen Douglas

18-04-06, 21:10
1930 Census Taken on April 11, 1930
Wakefield , Gogebic, Michigan

Hyvarinen, Peter
Birth 1884
Age: 46
Born: Finland
Own Home: $3500.
Immigrated: 1906
Occupation: Miner
Married at 30 years of age

Hyvarinen, Hilja E.
Born: 1889
Married at 25 years of age
Immigrated: 1911

Hyvarinen, Arno A.
Born 1916

Hyvarinen, Elsie E.
Born: 1917

I'll look for more. This is all I found with the exact name on Ancestry.

Hope this helps,

Karen Norwillo
18-04-06, 21:15
I found a Peter Hyvarinen and family in the 1930 census in Wakefield, Gogebic, MI. The age is "off" by a few years, but that isn't too unusual. See Denise's post above.

I did not find them on any earlier census, but then spelling could be a factor.

On the Boston Passenger List, 13 Mar 1902 "Saxonia" arriving from Liverpool is a Peter Hyvarinen, age ?23, single, sailor, going to brother H. Hyvarinen in Rockland, ME.
I did not find him on Emigrant Register. Correction, I went back to Migration Institute and put in Hyvärinen and got many "hits." There are many Pekka and Petter, but none matching his DOB.

19-04-06, 03:25
I am not sure that Peter/Pekka Hyvarinen is one of the ancestors, but I do know that the ancestors of the Heidemans of Houghton County, Michigan changed the family name from Hyvarinen to Heideman in the late 19th century. Perhaps that will help.