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A Helena
18-04-06, 21:26
My g uncle Oskar W., b. in Kronoby, F. on the 22nd of Febr., 1888
(HisKi) signed on a ship in order to get to America.

The Salvation Army: O. might have been in a ship that sank in
front of the United States and he never managed to get to NYC.

Now, however I have found Oscar in WWI Registration Cards, 1917 (Ancestry) to our great astonishment.

Ellis Island (Alternative spellings): Oscar W., Finland, donkeyman (=tunkkimies) on S/S Catherine Cuneo, arriving in NYC on the 4th
of Sept., 1917 from Port Antonio, Jamaica.

Otto W., Norwegian, donkeyman on S/S Catherine Cuneo, arriving in NYC on the 1st of Nov., 1917 from Coxenhole, Roatan
via Havana.

The material at the National Archives of Finland (www.narc.fi)
about the Sea Menīs Church of NYC: March, 1919, Minister: "The letter connections between the U. S. and Finland have shut now
for 9 months by the American government. July 1919: It is allowed
to post the letters." So the relations were not friendly at all! Finland was actually only recognized in 1919 by the American

I would appreciate any information (working years, possible shipwrecks, dockyard etc.) on the fruit and sugar ship S/S Catherine Cuneo after the 2nd of Nov., 1917.

Thanking You in advance, :confused: