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21-04-06, 22:24

I’m looking for my grandmother’s aunt ‘Edla Wikström’ from Larsmo/Jakobstad in Finland. She went to America in 1912 when she was about 20 years old.
Later she married a man from Germany, named Peter Ch. High, with whom she got 2 children. -Ernst and Dorothy.
Ernst should be born about 1919 and Dorothy some years earlier.

My grandmother’s sister (Gerda Berg) was the one that had the best contact with Edla and her family. But neither Gerda, nor anyone else in our family has heard anything from Edlas family since World War 2.

Now I hope that someone can help me to find any information about what happened to them. Or even help me get in contact with children and grandchildren to Ernst and Dorothy.

Best regards/

R. Westman

Art Fors
22-04-06, 20:42
Re: Peter High Family

1930 United States Federal Census > Maryland > Washington > Hagerstown > District 20

Name: Peter C. High
Relation: Head
Age: 41 (born abt. 1889)
Age at First Marriage: 29
Place of Birth: New Jersey
Occupation: Locomotive Engineer
Industry: Steam Railroad

Name: Ella S. High
Relation: Wife
Age: 35 (born abt. 1895)
Age at First Marriage: Not Listed
Place of Birth: Sweden
Year of Immigration: 1914
Occupation: Trained Nurse
Industry: Private Family

Name: William E. High
Relation: Son
Age: 10 (born abt. 1920)
Place of Birth: Illinois
Occupation: None
Industry: None

Art Fors
22-04-06, 20:59
Re: World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Record

Name: Peter Chas. High
Date of Birth: 27 Dec 1888
Born: Paterson, New Jersey, USA
Present Occupation: Locomotive Fireman
Employer: Central New England R. R.

(see attachment below)

22-04-06, 21:52

Thank You for the information.

It all seems to be correct, even if Edla is called Ella and her place of birth is registered as Sweden instead of Finland.

Ella S. High is most likely to be my grandmother’s aunt, since her middle name was Sophia. Her son Ernst is also likely to be William E, which would be more natural to be called in the USA.

Do You know where I can find more information about where they lived and when they died, and also of course what became of William E?

Would it be correct to assume that the daughter Dorothy is dead by 1930, since her name wasn’t mentioned in the registry? She should have been about 12 years old by then. She must have been born about 1918, considering the age of their parents and their age when marrying, and also the fact that Peter C. was enlisted for service until 1918. What do you think?

Best regards
R. Westman

William Dahlin
23-04-06, 00:16
Additional Information on William E and others won't be
available until the 1940 census is released in year 2012.

At that time William would be about 20 years old and maybe
married by that time. 1940 census would also show place
where they are living.

It would be nice if census records could be released sooner
but at present time no such luck.

Art Fors
23-04-06, 18:44
This could quite possibly be a match for William E. High.

Notice that the Social Security Number was issued in the state of Maryland, where William and his parents lived in 1930.

Social Security Death Index Record

Name: William E. High
SSN: 219-03-1524
Last Residence: 33777 Largo, Pinellas, Florida, United States of America
Born: 7 Jun 1919
Died: 2 Apr 1999
State (Year) SSN issued: Maryland (Before 1951)

24-04-06, 21:59
Thank's again for the info!

Is it possible to find out whether William E. had any children?
It would really be nice to get in contact with them.

regards/ R. Westman

William Dahlin
25-04-06, 04:41
Public Records for Largo, Florida shows a

Barry High
13 Pumpkin Cay Rd
Key Largo, Florida 33037-3740

Residence 1998 thru 2002

William E. Highs last residence was city of Largo.

29-04-06, 13:47
Thank you all for your help!

It's been very useful.
Now I'll try to get in contact with B. High.
Hopefully he's the right person, and interested to get some info about his finnish ancesters and relatves still alive.

For example his father's cousin, my grandmother, who is 90.
She can tell a lot about the past time.
He would also have a lot of "second cousins" in his own age, if he's the right "High".

Does anyone of you know how to find out if he's got any e-mail adress or another quick way of getting in contact to him.
A letter is a good way of course, but it's a little bit slow.

best regards/
R. Westman

June Pelo
29-04-06, 20:45
I found this address, but no e-mail address:

Barry High - (305) 367-4109 - 13 Pumpkin Cay Rd, Key Largo, FL 33037


03-06-06, 17:41
I have an Elna Wikstrom floating around my family tree, born 23 April 1895, unknown spouse. Her parents were ??Forsman and Gustava Wilhemina Donsberg. Is there any link by chance?