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Karen Norwillo
24-04-06, 21:15
Can someone tell me where to write to see if I am able to locate the marriage record of Henrik Karlsson Rajala and Maria Sofia? Also the birth of Laina Johanna Rajala in 1899. I am thinking probably Ylihärmä or Alajärvi or Lehtimäki. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything on HisKi.I checked all the neighboring parishes. My cousin tells me Maria Sofia was a Rantala, but I can't confirm this. I found a Maria Sofia Rantala born 2 Feb 1883 in Kauhajoki, but Maria was 2-6 yrs older than her husband, b.1880. Census shows 2-3, grandson says 6 yrs. Any help greatly appreciated. Karen

24-04-06, 21:36
as Laina Johanna seems to have emigrated with her mother Maria from Ylihärmä, she should be found in the Ylihärmä church records. I suggest you contact Seija Pihlajamäki who has almost everyone from Ylihärmä in her database in
www.sukujutut.fi. In the Finnish interface link Sukuraitti and search her database. I did not find anyone that would be a match but it is worth a try. Seija does not speak English but I could translate your request if needed.
Your distant cousin Merja

Karen Norwillo
25-04-06, 21:12
Thanks for the offer. I tried the link, but it says it's temporarily unavailable. I'll try again. Karen

Jaska Sarell
25-04-06, 21:43
Above link gives an excessive dot in the end.
Try again: http://www.sukujutut.fi/

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
26-04-06, 21:41
Thanks, Jaska. That link worked fine. Merja, I will contact her for help. If translation is needed, I will certainly take you up on your kind offer. Karen