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Elaine Goren
28-04-06, 19:10
From the website Demographic Database of Southern Sweden (DDSS) I have a cause of death:
"dödsor-afhände sig lifvet i
sak: sinnessvaght"
Thanks for any help!
Regards, Elaine

Gita Wiklund
28-04-06, 23:44
Hi Elaine,

I interpret it as: He took his life in a state of mental weakness.

Afhände sig lifvet= commited suicide
sinnessvag = mentally weak

I found a swedish dictionary of medical diagnoses 1861, that might be of further help on rootsweb:

Swedish dictionary medical section (http://www.rootsweb.com/~swewgw/Fact/Med/facdic_med.htm)


Elaine Goren
29-04-06, 19:52
Hi Gita,
Thank you----you have solved a big mystery for me! I have been following this family though the husförhörs in Helsingborg and nothing made sense to me. My ancestor Olof and his wife Christina lived with their young children and Olof's mother in law. The children and Olof kept moving in and out and finally Olof moved back to his father's house where he stayed for at least 10 years. Now I know, thanks to you, that the mother in law was mentally ill and must have had a very a disruptive effect on this family. I'll have to check more recent husförhörs to see if he moved back in with his wife after his mother-in law died. Thanks also for the dictionary---I'm sure that will be very useful.
Regards, Elaine

Gita Wiklund
30-04-06, 19:15
How interesting! Don´t hesitate to ask again if you need more help, and good luck with your research!

Elaine Goren
30-04-06, 23:59
Thanks again Gita! The dictionary looks like it will be a big help too.