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29-04-06, 02:03
My Swedish-Finn GGrandparents Herman Hermansson Holm (1857-1931) and Ulrika Carl Fredriksdotter Back (1857-1933) immigrated to America, through Ellis Island, in 1893. Their families lived in Karpero and Iskmo villages, Korsholm parish, Vasa. Earlier family members had immigrated from Lovanger and Bygdea, Sweden to Finland. I would like to write a family history and am having difficulty finding translated, historical resources on these areas, covering the period from *1600-1900. I am also having difficulity finding assistance translating the material I already have and am curious what resources other people utalize. It would be my good fortune to locate relatives with genealogical information and translation skills to share.
I live in Bend, Oregon, am recently retired and have become consumed with genealogy. I also enjoy bird watching, gardening, traveling and especially spending time with my grandchildren. I'm excited to be in communication with others interested in documenting Swedish-Finn history.

June Pelo
29-04-06, 02:27
Hi Beverly - Welcome to Finlander. There isn't much in English about the villages of Korsholm. I found this on google:

There are other references on google, but mostly in Swedish.

Maybe someone else knows of some sources in English..