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05-10-03, 10:44
I'm searching for family contacts for my paternal grandmother, born Hilda Alina Mattfolk in Korsnas,Finland, Feb.7,1888.
My grandma emigrated to the USA about 1909 with her sister Anna Mattfolk. I believe my grandma took the surname "Johnson" when she arrived in the US. She and her sister found work in a hospital in California. She later met and married my grandfather (born Johan Erick Johannson Erkus, April 23, 1886 in Sundom, Finland) known to us as John Erick Johnson, in 1917 in Portland, Oregon. My father, their first child, was born in Portland in 1919. Sometime after his birth, the family returned to Finland. My aunt was born in Finland in 1924. The family decided to leave Finland again, but immigration laws in the USA had changed by this time and the family could not return to the USA and came instead to British Columbia, Canada, where my uncle was born in 1929. My family remains in B.C., Canada.
My grandmother was one of seven children. Her sister Anna married Frank Gronlund in Portland, Oregon and her family remains there. Three siblings remained in Finland and they had the surname Ronnlov. (Oskar, Alfred and Irene) One brother, Carl Johan came to the USA (Wisconsin, I believe) and took the last name Granlund. One brother, Erik, came to Washington state and took the last name Hoffman.
I have two contacts in Finland from my grandmother's family but they know little of the family tree. I have also connected with the Granlund family in the US but they only have information for their immediate family.
I am hoping to find more about my grandmother's family tree. Hopefully, someone else is also working on it.

Erik Sepänaho
13-03-04, 11:26
Sending what I have about Hilda Alina Mattfolk. I have some more generations in some parts if you are interested

Erik Sepänaho

13-03-04, 16:31
Hello Erik:

It was a wonderful surprise to find this file waiting for me this morning! Thank you so much!!!!!!!:)

14-03-04, 00:46
Hi Claire,

I searched the Heritage Quest cd Scandinavians in the 1910 census for Johnson and Granlund.
These are the results for Finnish born in CA, OR & WI.
JOHNSON John 24 Humbolt, Pacific Twp 77 3 85 B CA
JOHNSON John A 23 Los Angeles Los Angeles 81 1 38 A CA
JOHNSON John 24 Multnomah, 108-PCT Holbrook 1288 2 230 A OR
JOHNSON John E 48 Alameda, 4-WD Oakland 70 3 80 A CA
JOHNSON Hilda 25 San Francisco San Francisco 97 3 189 A CA
JOHNSON Hilda 22 New Haven Branford 136 2 56 B CT
GRENLAND John 35 Washington, Gales Crk Pct 1291 1 145 A OR
GRALUND George 21 Multnomah, 1-WD Portland 1285 1 78 A OR
GRANLUND J 26 Multnomah, 1-WD Portland 1285 1 78 A OR
GRANLUND George 26 Multnomah, 1-WD Portland 1285 1 79 A OR
GRANLUND Annie 25 F Multnomah, 10-WD Portland 83- PCT 1287 2 61 A OR
GRANLUND Firna 30 F Multnomah, 8-WD Portland 1286 2 147 A OR
GRONLUND William 30 Multnomah, 4-WD Astoria 1278 2 240 B OR

GRANLUND Jacob 35 Bayfield, Oulu Twp 1700 1 255 A WI
GRANLUND Herman 27 Bayfield, Oulu Twp 1700 1 256 A WI
No Johnson near Johns age found in San Francisco.
No Hilda Johnson found in OR or closer to age.

Best wishes

14-03-04, 03:13
Thank you Jeanette! :)