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June Pelo
02-05-06, 02:44
Raivaaja had a story about Erik Rune Hermans, editor of Norden, the only Finnish-Swedish newspaper printed in Swedish outside of Finland. The newspaper has had four editors: Edward Antell, 27 years; Otto Gullmes, 29 years; Theodore Anderson, 8 years and Erik Hermans, 44 years. Two journalists from Finland were in New York recently to interview and film a documentary about the newspaper. Norden celebrates its 110th anniversary this October and the documentary will probably be shown in Finland at that time.

Mr. Hermans and I have known each other a number of years and from time to time I have contributed items for his newspaper. There is one article he would like from me, the story of my life, which he wants to publish! ;)


08-02-12, 01:49
Edward Antell is listed in the 1900 and 1910 censuses as the son-in-law of Axel Hornborg, an agent for the Finnish Steamship Company in New York. June Pelo has noted that he was the editor of "Norden" for 27 years. I am curious what years are included in this tenure as editor.

June Pelo
08-02-12, 17:41
Edward J. Antell became editor of "Finska Amerikanaren" in the latter part of 1897 and continued in that capacity into 1924. The name of the paper was changed to Norden after he left.

09-02-12, 00:31
Thank you, June, for this information. It is just one of the "side items" that interested me. I also have another item about which I am curious and that is the Hedman Hornborg Private Bank. Elsa Hornborg, Axel Hornborg's daughter and Edward Antell's sister-in-law, worked at this bank. Again I am curious about the time frame of its existence.


June Pelo
09-02-12, 03:16
Other than the article I sent about Norden, which mentions Edward Antell, I don't know anything more about him or the Hornberg family. But if you post a query about what you would like to know, perhaps someone can find more info. for you about them. I googled them, but didn't find anything.

June Pelo
09-02-12, 04:11
I contacted Erik Hermans, current editor of Norden, and this is his statement:

Edward Antell became editor of the Finnish Americans in May 1897th
The Nordic countries were published in January 1897th. A couple of people had edited the magazine
during the first weeks.
The company Finnish Americans in Worcester Mass.., Was sold in 1899 to
businessman Axel Hornberg, which 1902 in turn sold the company to his daughter Anna, who
was married to Edward Antell. A new corporation, The Finnish American Inc.,
formed in late 1923, which then took over the ownership of Anna Antell. Edward
Antell, who was a very good journalist, ceased as editor in March 1924.
Three other people, including Anna Antell, was later in a couple of years tf
editors of the magazine.
In 1926 Otto Gullmes from Lappfjärd newspaper's editor. He remained
to 1950. He was followed by Ingmar Håkans from Närpes to 1952. After
he became Theodore Anderson from Munsala Scandinavia editor until 1960. he
followed in turn by Närpesbon Anna Elise Mannberg to 1962, when current
Editor Erik R. Herman (also Närpes) took office. He celebrates the 50th anniversary of
July 2012 as Nordic editor.
I may mention that when the newspaper Scandinavia was founded in 1896 in Worcester were all
founding members Närpesbor - except one who was home from Ruotsinpyhtää in
Eastern Uusimaa.