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Alf Blomqvist
03-05-06, 20:10
Mathilda (Tilda) Mattsdotter Riska (born 21 March 1870 in Kronoby, Finland dead 17 June 1937 in ? USA).

She is married to Karl Waldemar Gustavsson Cannelin (born 26 July 1865 in Sääksmäki, Finland and dead 3 November 1934 in ? USA) 17 August 1901 in ? USA.

She got a passport (Institute of Migration, Passport Records) and left Finland 27 Oktober 1900 (Institute of Migration, Passenger Lists).


How did she travel?

Where is their place of marriage?

Where is her place of death?

William Dahlin
04-05-06, 01:20
Found the following:

1920 Census Douglas Wisconsin

Charlie Canneline
Age 54
USA 1890
B. Finland

Age 49
USA 1900
B. Finland

Raymond son
Age 13
B. Wisconsin

Morris son
Age 11
b. Wisconsin

Edith dau
age 10
b. Wisconsin

Margaret dau
Age 8
b. Wisconsin

Einar son
Age 6
b. Wisconsin.

William Dahlin
04-05-06, 01:27
1930 Census Douglas Wisconsin

Chalews Cannelin
Age 64
b Fin
USA 1895
Clerk City Hall

Tilda wife
Age 60
b. Finland

Ray C son
Age 24
B. Wisconsin
Sta. Fireman - Riding Club

Maurice son
Age 22
B./ Wisconsin
Machinest Helper - Steam Rail Road

Margaret dau
age 18
B. Wisconsin
Clerk Wholesale

Einar son
Age 16
B. Wisconsin

Edith Shaw dau
Age 20
B. Wisconsin

Thomas R Shaw son in law
Age 26
Teachr Public School
B. Minnesota

Beverly L. g-dau
age 1
B. Wisconsin

Age 9/12
b. Wisconsin

1930 census shows Charles lst married at age 35 would
be year 1895. Tilda came over in 1900 so he must have
been married before he left Finland. Will see what I can
find on death records. Nothing came up with the census

Alf Blomqvist
04-05-06, 07:43

04-05-06, 19:06
Found on Ancestry1910 US Federal Census
Superior, Wisconsin- Douglas County

Cannelin, Charles
45 years old
married 8 yrs.
Naturalized 1900
Occupation: Clerk- City Treasurer
Immigrated 1895

Cannelin, Mathilda
40 years old
Naturalized 1900
Married 8 years
Immigrated 1900

Cannelin, Raymond
4 years old

Cannelin, Morise
2 years old

Cannelin, Edith
? years old (hard to read)

Hope this helps.


Art Fors
31-05-06, 21:18
Hello Alf,

Karl Waldemar & Anna Matilda (Riska) Cannelin are buried in Graceland Cemetery - South Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin (http://www.rootsweb.com/~widougla/cemetery/graceland/graceland_bd.htm).

Maybe Lars H. Cannelin is Karl's brother?

Cannelin Carl Waldemar 1865 1934 C17 7-19-02
Cannelin Lars H. 1871 1921 B12 7-18-02
Cannelin Mathilda 1870 1937 C17 7-19-02