View Full Version : Parents of Hans (Johannes) Wasaeus

07-05-06, 22:52

I noticed that we have several suggestions for parents of this chaplan in Närpes who lived between 1611 and 1687.

One suggestion is that his mother was Maria Gammal from Gamlakarleby. If this is the right information; could she be from the family Skepperus/Gammal? In this case she came from the Sursill family.

The other one is that his mother was Valborg Thomasdotter.

In both cases his father was simply Hans Hansson, d.1654 in Laihela.

I have no other source than Talko Genealogy, so I would be happy if someone could check this information for me.


June Pelo
08-05-06, 02:20

Björn Fabricius sent me data that Hans' father was Hans Hansson, b. in Laihela, d. 1654, merchant in Vasa, married to Maria Gammal, b. in Gamlakarleby. They had a son Hans (Johannes), b. ca 1611 in Vasa, d. 1687, Närpes, married to Brita or Birgitta Johansdotter Bröms, d.1675. They had 5 children. I think there is something in SoB#22.