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13-05-06, 17:03
Greetings from Nils

To begin with my Swedish heritage comes from my mother's side. Her maiden name was Forsman. Her father was born in Forsby. Hence, although I have done some research on the family it is thrilling to connect with FinnSwedes who are familiar with the area.

I am 69 (going on 39) years old, retired (not retarded) Machinist by trade. Interested in volunteer work, meeting with "the friends" several times a week, and genealogy.

I live in Duluth, MN USA right by the Beautiful Lake Superior. My wife's name is Susan (she's 1/2 Swede) and have two grown children. Guess what? There're Swedes too.


June Pelo
13-05-06, 18:37
Nils, Welcome to Finlander. It's nice to see that someone from Duluth has joined us. From time to time there are queries concerning ancestors who ended up in Duluth. When I was younger we had many relatives living there and visited them along with our other relatives in Minnesota. We have a Forsman member in Seattle and I have a lot of Forsman names in my database but they are from various parishes - I think one from Forsby.


13-05-06, 19:47

Greetings from Sweden. In July we came to visit USA, for visiting relatives in Minnesota,
Minneapolis. One of us have relatives in Duluth, a please we came to visit. I think the ancestor was Anders Gustavsson Granlund. He was born in Kållby 1869 dead 1918. Married with Anna Amanda (b. Björn). They had four children, Lucille (m. Morris), Oskar, Arthur and Ruth (m. Lowther).

Maybe somebody know them?! If so, it was nice to make contact with them.

Have a nice day there over

14-05-06, 00:42

I looked in the recent phone directory here in the Duluth, MN area and come up with nothing. Sorry.


14-05-06, 18:24
Hi Nils and welcome to SFHS

Vi visited Duluth in September 2004 on our trip to Minnesota ,Wisconsin and Michigan, we ( me,wife and daughter)
stayed in Duluth for two days and had a real nice time,at least my wife and daughter enjoyed the shopping.I guess our next trip to US will include a trip up to Duluth.

Kaj Granlund
14-05-06, 22:49
Welcome Nils. Nice You entered this site. Hope You will get the help You might want . There are a lot of helpful persons in here. From a finlader living close to Forsby