View Full Version : Any Elsonīs left in Ishpeming?

15-05-06, 02:23
Is there any Elsonīs still living in Ishpeming, MI?
Is Gordon Elson one of them?
Iīm looking for my third cousins.

William Dahlin
15-05-06, 03:10
1930 Census Benton Harbour Berrien Michigan

Frank Farguhar age 48
Flora wife age 47

Gordon Elson grandson age 10
Kenneth grandson age 8

By age Gordon was born 1920 and Kenneth 1922

Social Security Death Records shows a

Gordon Elson b. 7 Jan 1920
d. Feb 1976 age 56

Kenneth E. Elson b. 10 Dec 1921
d. 20 Dec 1993 age 72

Gordon W. Elson Cooper Lake Ishpeming Michigan
Phone No. 906-486-6255
Residence years 98 99 2000 2001 2002

This Gordon would be 86 year 2006

Hope this information helps.

15-05-06, 15:25
The Gordon Elson mentioned above, according to the phone directory, still lives at Cooper Lake, Ishpeming, MI 49849 The phone number is also correct. I just saw Gordon a couple of days ago, so, he's back "up North" for the summer. I'm told that he usually spends the winters in Florida. I don't know the man personally, but, I do know who he is, by the way, he graduated from Ishpeming High School in 1946, so, he must have been born in 1928? I hope this helps.....

17-05-06, 00:50
Much tanks from Jonas in Sweden

17-05-06, 00:59
The Gordon Elson mentioned above....

Please say hallo from me to Gordon Elson if you see him.

And who am I?
My name is Jonas Trigell born in Umeå Sweden.
My mothers birthname was Åberg.
Maria Åverg was married to Herman Kuuttinen moved
to US in 1890. They called them self Elson in USA.

So I think Gordon Elson must be my mothers second cousin.