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16-05-06, 18:51
I am new to this forum, but have been researching my Finnish and Italian roots for about 24 years using both the internet and the old paper, pen, and book research.

I'm from Mountain Iron, Minnesota, which is where many immigrants came to to work in the new iron ore mines that opened up in this area. The area in whole is known as the Iron Range, due to those many iron ore mines. I am a short distance from the Ironworld Discovery Center, which keeps many documents about immigrants and our area history on microfilm.
If anyone needs some physical researching done there, I can make a trip (usually on a weekend).
I think this is the address to check them out:

3/4 of my family history comes from Finland and since finding the Hiski Project, it has helped tremendously to advance my search. Once I gather the information I need to post a message, I will look forward to hearing from members. :)

June Pelo
16-05-06, 19:10
Jodie, welcome to Finlander. We'll be looking forward to seeing something about your Finland ancestors. I visited relatives in Ely, Minn. in 1999 and they took me to Chisholm and we attended some festival there and rode the train, etc. We went down into the Sudan mine - very interesting. One of my uncles lived in Virginia near the edge of the open pit mine there.

That's generous of you to offer to do research. I understand that Minnesota has recorded vital data about immigrants and they have published the data.

I had relatives living in Mountain Iron - the Beck family: Laurence, Charles, Roland were born there.


25-05-06, 00:07
I'm starting with my family namesake as this is where I've hit a roadblock. My great-grandfather, Jacob Frans Mattila, b. July 1878 in Kankaanpää, came to the United States through Sault St. Marie, Michigan around 1890's (have to check papers). He had a sister Hilma, that came to the United States and married a Hannula/or Hanela/ or Hanola.

I have their parents listed as Sven Mattila and Mary Lahde, but this is all I have to go on. I did find a Sven Oskar Mattila from Kankaanpää, born around 1858, which could possibly be Jacob's father, but I have nothing definite.

Does anyone have anything go on?
Thanks for any help.
Jodie Mattila

18-06-06, 07:31
Hello Jodi
I'm also a ranger. but now live on the Rainy River by Lake of the Woods.
This is a great site for tracing your Finnish folks.
Everyone who helped me went way out of their way to help me.
And now my grandfathers side is done.
I used to visit interpetative center in Chisholm durning the winters when I lived in area. So good luck
Ps Are you related to the Mattilas from Palo and Makinen areas?

June Pelo
21-09-06, 23:27

You mentioned Sven Oskar Mattila, b. 1858. In Hiski Kankaanpää there was a Sven Oskar, b. 30 Dec 1855 in Wihteljärvi at Jankkari Mattila farm to Johan Gustaf Johansson married 28 May 1855 to wife Serafia Andersdotter Jankkari. Johan Gustaf was born 31 May 1826 at Jankari farm to Johan Mattila and Caisa. Serafia was born 24 Feb 1824 at Janckari to Anders Sigfridsson and Ulrica Ericsdotter. They can probably be traced back, but HisKi doesn't have any data after 1855, so I couldn't find anything more about Sven's marriage.


23-04-07, 23:38
Thanks June. This is the same info I found also, but am not sure it's the right family. I have a gut feeling it is, but nothing definite yet. I have found a relative of Jacob Mattila's sister, Hilma Hannula, so many they will have something to offer.

23-04-07, 23:50
I hope we can help you too with your research as much as I have been helped.

Earlier tonight I sat and looked through old pictures from America. They are from some (for me) unknown couple at the photo studio "Hyvarinen Welter, Chisholm". I guess they could be from my grandmother's line (Kronqvist) because they were found in her old picture box. I suppose they will remain unknown.


William Dahlin
24-04-07, 02:50
The photo you posted is my Grandmother and Grandfather.

Ida Johanna Forsbacka and Emil Johansson Bjorn. This I understand was
there wedding picture. I have one just like it and hanging in my hallway.

Wm Dahlin

24-04-07, 08:50
Hello Bill!

Are you joking?

I am truly amazed about your thread! I did not expect anyone to identify this picture of a couple in USA. This might clarify some other pictures too. I will send them to you later today when I get home from work. They show girls that are very much like Ida Johanna, perhaps her sisters.

This shows the contact between your grandmother (Forsbacka) and my grandmother (also from the Forsbacka branch - married Dahlin). You mentioned before that you think your familyname Dahlin was taken because you had relatives in Finland with the name Dahlin. This is kind of an evidence.

Have a Good Day!

Christian Dahlin

24-04-07, 16:21
Hello Bill & Co!

I put another picture of tree girls that look a lot like the first woman, Ida Forsbacka. In my database she had two sisters in Virginia, Minnesota; Maria and Selma. Could it be the three sisters? The photo is from L.W. Felt in Chicago.

The other picture of two women is a little bit in bad condition, but I can see something similar between the pictures. No idea of where the picture is taken (USA or Finland?).

I have also a photo from Mitchell, San Fransisco showing a little girl with a dog. Because you live in California today I am thinking she might be from your family.

I have also a card to my grandmother's sister from a woman in America called "Pällas Ida". No date or place could be found. Perhaps she was Ida Forsbacka?

Does someone recognize them?


William Dahlin
24-04-07, 16:58
Hello Christian

The middle picture is the Forsbacka sisters taken in Chicago, Ida,Maria and
Selma. The other two I can't identify. The girl with the dog if it was from
Chisholm, Minnesota could possibly be my mother. She was 3 years old
when Emil and Ida moved from Chisholm to Cook, Minn .

Interesting you posted it on the internet. It caught my eye even in small print.


24-04-07, 17:38
The picture of the girl and the dog was taken at "Mitchell, San Fransisco"

I'm so excalted that you could recognize them. This I could never believe! Although I knew that they were my grandmothers 2nd cousins I have never heard anyone telling about them.:D