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Åke Jaskari
06-10-03, 20:31
I am looking for any information on Evald Emil Nordling born 23 september 1867 Vasa, Finland. Died 1906 San Fransisco USA.

Any information would be helpfull.

Åke Jaskari

06-10-03, 22:21
Hi Åke,

Not sure this is the correct guy but seems to be. He appears in the 1900 census but not in the 1910 census for California.

He was found in the 6th Judicial Township of Kern County, California in 1900. Name was Edward Nordling, born Sept 1867, born Sweden (& both parents). Immigrated 1888 and had already applied for citizenship though not naturalized yet. He is listed as a Farmer and shows up as a boarder with a family.

Here is the detail of the census page:
Nordling, Edward
Lived in: 6 Township Judicial, Kern County, California
Series: T623 Microfilm: 87 Book: 2 Page: 143

05-11-03, 22:01
Hi Åke,
I have just returned from a search at Swenson.
I did not find Evald at any of the 3 Swedish churches in San Francisco. They are Ebenezer Lutheran, 1st Covenant, and Temple Baptist. He was not shown as a member in those places nor listed as receiving a funeral at the lutheran church.
Finnish churches might be a better place for you. There is/was "a Swedish Finn church which worked for a while and then joined with the Swedish Baptist church." "Lutherska Bethelförsamlingen i San Francisco" was organized in 1923 so not useful for you and finally, "Suomi Synod Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church"
I would say that the Swedish Baptist church mentioned here is the one I searched at Swenson so your last hope would be that Suomi Synod church which records just might be at Finlandia University, former Suomi College, in Hancock, MI