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07-10-03, 17:50

To Kevin!

Hi, I saw you have the name Maijala in your file. If you are looking for Maijalas from Huittinen, I could have something for you.

Kind regards

07-10-03, 18:05
Hi Gunnel,

Yes, I do have Maijalas in my family. My mother's maiden name was Maijala. Her Maijala ancestors were from Liminka. The "originator" of the name was Abra(ha)m Maijala b.~1786. I do not know where he was born. He appears in the church books of Liminka in 1803. As of yet, I haven't been able to trace him back further.

In the time period of 1805-ish there was only 1 other Maijala found in the Liminka rippikirjat. Her name was Anna Johansdr Maijala and she lived in a farm next door to Abraham. She was born in 1782. I suspect she might be his sister. None of the records I found Abraham mentioned listed his father's name.

Recently, I discovered a possible lead with some Maijalas from Pyhäjoki. So I plan to order that film and see what it reveals. Otherwise, I'm at a standstill.

Where is Huittinen located? Is it relatively near Liminka?

10-10-03, 21:43
Hi Kevin!

Sorry to say, but I don't think we have the same Maijalas here. Liminka is situated up in the north (near to Oulu), and Huittinen is close to Tampere.

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