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21-05-06, 21:54
This site is only in Finnish, but I have found some useful information via it:



kunta = parish
(valitse kunta = select the parish)
kylä = village
tilanimi = the name of the farm
omistajan sukunimi = the surnaname of the owner

You may find old photos of the houses and/or the owners.


22-05-06, 07:04
Hi Solja,
Thank-you for posting such a great site! I found quite a few surnames from my family that must be related! Very interesting!


22-05-06, 15:30
Check via this same link http://sukutilat.sarka.fi/

- select Nivala to Kunta and write Hantula to Omistajan sukunimi.
You will receive two matches - select the second one, Rautala (Tila).
The name of the farm is misspelled, it should be Rantala.

Click the picture of the house, you'll get it bigger.

The house was moved from Nivala to Muhos in 1992 and now we live in it.

The house was originally built in 1917-18 by Aukusti Rajaniemi - and with US dollars!
Aukusti went to States (I don't know when) and married Hilda Maria there in 1903.
Hilda and the three boys came back to Finland (obviously before 1912) and also father Aukusti couple of years later.

It would be nice to know where they stayed in USA and where the boys Matti, Knuuti and Aukust were born. Also if someone knows what happened later to this family, please let me know.

Aukusti Rajaniemi (b. 1880)
spouse 1. 1903 Hilda Maria Ylimäki (b. 1883, d. 1917 in Finland)
spouse 2. 1919 Maria Perttula (nee Perkkiö, b. 1879)

Children - 3 eldest born in America
Matti (b. 1904),
Knuuti Ilmari (b. 1906),
Aukust Valtteri (b. 1908),
Impi Maria (b. 1912 in Finland)


22-05-06, 18:17
Hi Solja,
I just emailed this passenger record to you on Hilda. I'll send other info. I find on Ancestry. since it's a bit quiet at work right now.