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22-05-06, 18:34
In 2000-2001, my husband and I lived in Helsinki where my husband was Bicentennial Fulbright Professor at the Renvall Institute. Though I am Danish-English by heritage, I fell in love with Finland and all things Finnish. But I have become particularly interested in the Finnish children who were sent to Sweden for safety during the Winter and Continuation wars. Through advertising my interest in Finnish and Swedish newsletters, I have now some two dozen correspondents, former war children who have shared their stories with me. I am hoping to write a book on this subject, so I welcome any penpals who would like to share their war experience or that of their parents or grandparents. Please contact me (gsaffle*vt.edu). I would be MOST GRATEFUL!!!

Thank you! I look forward to 'meeting' more wonderful Finns!!! All best wishes, Sue Saffle