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24-05-06, 09:56
Hello All! I'm going to Finland on 5.26.06! My name is Ron Perkins orig. from Sulphur, La. living in SF, Ca. I am the great grandson of Otto Backlund who lived in De Quincy, La. His daughter Edith, was married to Dude Perkins, my Dads' parents. I did get to know my great grandmother Emma very briefly. It has gotten very hard for my sister and I to get information about Otto and his family. I will be in Kokkola on 5.28 - 5.30. I will go to Nedervetil, Finland, the birthplace of Otto. It would be great to get some more info before I leave.

The Backlund family members I knew were my grandmothers' siblings, Onni and Signe. They had a young sister that died as a child in Mississippi. Her grave site was cleaned and given a new marker stone about 15 yrs. ago.

We did get to meet Finnish relatives about 10 yrs. in La. It was a great time to meet Fingel (spell?) and his daughter. I have lost track of their last name. I do know he is deceased and I'm told she works for Finnair. I thought my relatives would have kept that info, but now they are dead or very old. So if anyone can send some info - Great and please hurry! Ron

24-05-06, 15:35
Welcome to Finlander!

Attached you can see something of your ancestry I believe. I would think that June has a lot to add since you seem to have a lot of common ancestors.

The "Fingel" you wrote - could it be Fingal Lerbacka?

24-05-06, 16:37
Hello Hasse,

Thank you for your reply. It is a good feeling to see ones' family names in such detail. The Backlund family members I knew never spoke much about their past. My Grandmother and her sister spoke their "Swedish" between each other and rarely mentioned anything more than that about family history. I did have other members who were more vocal. This I find is a common reaction amongst early newcomers to the US. I believe it was a almost fierce desire to fit into their new country and be a real American - whatever that is.

When I was a boy it was great to be with all my relatives who were from many ethnic groups, but the Backlunds were the most facsinating, with there quiet pride of who they were and from.

Thank you for helping one more American know his Finnish past. Now, I'll actually see it even if only a small bit on this trip. I go onto Russia from Finland.

Sincerest thanks - Ron

June Pelo
24-05-06, 19:03
Hasse, thanks for posting the data for Ron. I calculated that Edith Backlund and I were 3rd cousins once removed - she was 3rd cousin to my father. Edith's father Otto had an older brother Johan Gustaf, b. 1849 who had a son Johan Robert who emigrated to the US, married and had a daughter June who lives in Seattle. Wonder if Ron knows her? Johan Gustaf had a son whose daughter Jenny's son Lars Alexander Plogman had a son Robert who lives in Nedervetil. Robert is very knowledgeable about the old farms and families of Nedervetil and Ron may want to contact him when he's in Nedervetil.

Robert's uncle Gustav Plogman created the minature Pelo village, picture of which are found in the SFHS picture gallery http://sfhs.eget.net/gallery/

My father's paternal grandmother was Greta Sofia Skriko and I have visited the old Skriko house where she was born. It is presently owned by the Wassborr family who have kept it in repair and it is a beautifully restored home.

The Fingal Lerbacka mentioned was a 4th cousin of Edith Backlund, and 4th cousins once removed of Robert Plogman. So nearly all families in Nedervetil were related one way or another.

If Ron needs any more data, I have a lot of it about most families from Nedervetil and can send it to him.


June Pelo
24-05-06, 21:15

Check your private messages for more information I sent to you.


26-05-06, 08:16
Hello June -

26-05-06, 08:22
Hello June -

Thank you so much for your info. I did call up June Holden in Seattle and we had a good long talk. I will be going to Nedervetil. I will try to contact Robert Plogman there for anything he might share. I will come back home on 6.13 and will contact you with my impressions. I leave tomorrow at 0800.

Sincerely - Ron Perkins (Backlund)

June Pelo
26-05-06, 20:47

I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to send you the data because I didn't have your e-mail address - and I couldn't attach it to a private message. I could have:
- sent Robert Plogman's address;
- he could put you in contact with Fingal Lerbacka's daughter
- I could also have given you names of some other people to contact, but now there isn't time.


17-06-06, 04:19
Dear June - I'm back and had a wonderful time in Finland. I wish I could have had more time to spend exchanging info with you. Nonetheless, I was impressed with Finland. I am going to try to schedule another trip there next year. Family history interest aside, Finland was one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited. Nedervetil was fascinating and I did visit the cemetary there. I saw your relatives markers there. Skirko and Mohrlander too. I was given a lift back to Kokkola by a local car dealer who said there was a Backlund in the local area still. I have to go back! I look forward to hearing from you! For me it is back to work. I work at the community blood center here in San Francisco. The first thing I saw when I got off the train in Kokkola was the Finnish Red Crioss Blood Center!! I had to visit and enjoyed that a lot.

Take care June and thanks for your info! Ron Perkins

Kay Voth
17-06-06, 17:20
Ron, I left you a personal message. I, too just returned from wonderful trip to same area you did..