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26-05-06, 08:28
Dear Fellow Memebers,

I would like to know where did Fingal Lerbacka live? I had the pleasure of meeting him several years ago. Even though we did not speak the same language, we still had a great time. I would like to contact his daughter to give her some of the family news in Louisiana.

Thank you - Ron

16-06-06, 14:48
Hi Ron!

Sombody may already have written to you about Fingal Lerbacka. he was born May 7 1911 in Nedervetil and married June 26 1932 to Anna Elisabeth Aurén b. June 22 1907 also in Nedervetil, I suppose that's where they lived. There's a lot of Lerbacka's in Nedervetil. Couldn't find anything about children (this is from the Vestö database).

17-06-06, 04:02
Thank you for your reply. I returned from Finland and Russia 6.13.06 and I enjoyed Finland very much. I should have made more time in Finland, but I will certainly plan more the next time. I made it to Nedervetil and incredibly found it to be similiar in topography (though different in climate) to the area in Louisiana that my great grandfather finally settled his family in the US.

As for Fingal Lerbacka, maybe more time and research by me will turn up his daughter by my next trip. I was given a lift back to Kokkola by a local guy who said that there was a Backlund still in the area. Well something to look forward to!

Best regards - Ron Perkins

Elisa Sjelvgren
01-04-10, 10:56
Dear Ron,

I hope you are still a member of this forum and get the messages. I know it's almost four years too late but anyway, I'm the one you were looking for.

We met in Louisiana in the mid 90's when I was there with my father, Fingal Sjelvgren. If I'm not mistaken we met in the company of Stanley Perkins, who, if I remember correctly, was your uncle, is that right?
We got the sad news about the death of Stanley's grand daughter some years ago. I think it was Sue (who is your aunt I presume) who wrote to my dad, since both Emma Lou and Ray Perkins, who we stayed with during our visit, are both deceased.
I understand from your posts on this forum that you were in Nedervetil in the summer of 2006 without having my father's contact details, what a shame! Her would have absolutely loved to get a visit from you. I'm sure that if you would have had the time to stay a bit longer and ask around a bit you would have found him since Nedervetil is such a small place and there's only one Fingal there.
My father will be 75 this year and he is still in very good health so who knows, if you ever plan to visit Finland again you might still get a chance to meet again.

I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, since 2003 with my American husband. I go back to Finland at least once a year, always in the summer and almost every year for Christmas. Last time I was there was in the Christmas holidays for the funeral of my paternal grandmother, Hagar Sjelvgren, who lived to be 101. I have a younger brother, Markus, who lives in Nedervetil and has two children.

Are you still in San Francisco? I hope you are well and that you get this message.

Best regards,
Elisa Sjelvgren

June Pelo
01-04-10, 18:07
I have the Lerbacka family in my data - Fingal was my 4th cousin. And if I had known Ron was in Nedervetil, he could have contacted Robert Plogman, Fingal's second cousin who lives there. Robert seems to know everyone in Nedervetil. And Fingal's third cousin Stig-Ole Nyman also lives in Nedervetil. He runs the bakery there. Stig-Ole is also knowledgeable about what goes on in the area.