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June Pelo
27-05-06, 20:46
Lumberjacks at a lot of beans. Here is a recipe from a lumbering camp in Michigan in the 1800s. I assume they dug a hole in the ground and put live coals in it before adding the bean pot.

Beanhole Beans

Soak 2 pounds of yelloweye beans overnight. Using seasoned wood, accumulate live coals until beanhole is 3/4 full. Parboil beans over the open fire until the skill (skin?) peels away by blowing on a few beans in a spoon.

Mix 1 teaspoon dry or prepared mustard, 1/2 cup molasses, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup water, 1 large onion cut in half. Add the mix to the beans and stir slightly. Slice 1 pound of salt pork into sections. Cut each section partly through in a criss-cross pattern and place pieces on top of the beans. Cover the beans and set to one side. Shovel out the coals leaving about 3 inches of live coals in the bottom of the hole. Set the bean pot in the hole on top of the bed of coals. Shovel the rest of the coals around and on top of the pot. Cover with dirt and check for escaping steam, making sure none is leaking out. If steam is leaking out, cover area with more dirt. Leave in the ground for 8 hours or overnight. Note: Eliminate soaking beans overnight by parboiling them. Make sure the beans are completely covered with water before putting them in the ground. If you have to add water, add only boiling hot water so as not to cool your pot of beans. The beans need to go into the ground hot.

Modern Version: Pre-cooked white beans can be purchased in glass jars at the grocery store. Use 1 to 1 1/2 of the large jars of beans for each recipe. Place beans and additional ingredients in a large crock-pot. Heat on high for 4 hours or on low for 8 hours.

June:rolleyes: I think I'd use the modern method!

29-05-06, 19:07
Sounds yummy!!!

My cousin is coming over in July from Oravais, I just hope he doesn't want me to cook anything the old-fashioned way.

All he has told me so far is to make sure I have lots and lots of coffee - good thing I live 2 blocks from Starbucks!!

June Pelo
29-05-06, 19:41

I just noticed you live in Burnaby. I have a cousin living there - Gloria Kelly. Do you know her? She sends me pictures of the beautiful flowers there.


29-05-06, 19:59
No, sorry I don't.

Yes, we do have lots of parks & flowers and stuff here. The best is the Chinese Cherry Blossom Trees but when they start dropping the flower petals it is a mess on your car.

Hasse Andtbacka
29-05-06, 21:12
Goria lives in Kelowna nowadays. We will stay some days with her in early August.
Anyone coming to FinnFest this year?